How to Play European Football Roulette

The game 'European Football Roulette' intertwines two of our nation's burning passions by introducing the electrifying theme of football into online roulette games. Expertly crafted by Playtech, it flaunts a 3D visual aesthetic, a feature that has been missing in many of the recently launched games. Plus, it boasts an RTP of 97.30%, fitting for a European roulette game, making it a thrilling and potentially rewarding experience. It's not just a game, it's the perfect fusion of sports and casino excitement, stirring the hearts of Aussies who are fervent about both.

With sensible boundaries and on par with the market average, it doesn't bring any special effect or bonus to the table. The theme of the online game, European Football Roulette, is purely cosmetic, not adding any additional features to the gameplay.

That's precisely why it might not be among the most popular, but it's definitely a splendid choice for those craving a change from the usual within the realm of online casinos dealing with actual money.

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How to Play the Game of European Football Roulette

You have the choice to immerse yourself in the thrilling game of European Football Roulette with actual Aussie dollars, or you can dip your toes in with the free version first. However, remember, mates, if you choose to have a crack at the free version of European Football Roulette, you'll be playing with 'pretend' cash and your winnings, unfortunately, won't be real.

Once you've made your selection, you'll see that there are chips with values starting from just $0.01 on the left-hand side. By clicking on these and placing them on the betting table, you're setting your stakes for a game of European Football Roulette that's not just about the thrill of the game, but could also line your pockets.

Even though chips from as low as $0.01 exist, the minimum bet to kick-start the fun stands at $0.02. Similar to other roulette games, there’s an alternative table, the racetrack, meant for those who crave a bit more complexity in their wagers. When you’re all set and ready, all you've got to do is hit “Spin”!

As the round comes to a close, the player has the opportunity to stick with their original bet or double down. These are straightforward options and, unfortunately, there's a lack of bonus features in the game of European Football Roulette to boost your chances of winning.

Game rules

  • Once you click on the "Spin" button, there's no turning back on your bet.
  • The wager should hold a total value from R$ 1 to R$ 25,000 per round.
  • A single betting field can only accept up to R$ 250 in wagers.
  • If you play for free, you won't be able to collect any winnings.
  • The outcomes are produced by RNG software and rely solely on fortune.

Bet Types

To assist you while engaging in a thrilling game of European Football Roulette that could potentially reward you with a decent financial payout, you need to grasp an understanding of each potential bet type. Understanding the mechanics of each stake is paramount to maximising your chances:

  • Plano (Single) - a bet placed on a single number by laying a chip on it.
  • Horse (Split) - this involves wagering on two numbers by placing the chip on the line that separates them.
  • Street Bet - wager on three numbers by placing the chip on the bottom line under three vertically aligned numbers.
  • Four-Corner (Quatro) - a wager laid on four numbers, with the chip positioned at their intersection.
  • Linha (Six Line) - involves betting on six numbers, by placing the chip at the intersection at the bottom between two vertical lines of three numbers each.
  • Column - wager on an entire horizontal column, with the chip on the outside.
  • Dozen - a wager on one of the three fields corresponding to the three possible dozens within the 36 numbers.
  • 1-18/19-36 - places a bet on all numbers from 1 to 18 or from 19 to 36, each representing half of the total numbers.
  • Colors - Place your bet on either red or black, covering all the numbers of the chosen color.
  • Wager on all even (Par) or all odd (Ímpar) numbers – this bet encompasses all the even or odd numbers.

There are also the so-called "neighbour bets", which you can place on the racetrack table. This table can be opened with a simple click next to the original roulette wheel.

  • Voisins du Zero - a bet that splits nine chips among the numbers close to zero, at intersections to cover the 17 numbers between 22 and 25.
  • Tiers - betting with six chips on Splits, covering a third of the table, opposite the zero, between 27 and 33.
  • Orphans - a sum of 5 chips covers the remaining eight numbers not included in the Tiers and Voisins du Zero bets.

European Football Roulette Game Payments

In the game of European Football Roulette, where real money's at stake, it serves up varying pay-out levels for each kind of wager, much like any roulette games in casinos that pay through. So, let's dish out the details on how much a punter can pocket in returns for each wager:

Bet Payment
Straight 37:1
Split 17:1
Street 11:1
Corner 8:1
Six Line 5:1
Column/Dozen 2:1
1-18/19-36 1:1
Red Black 1:1
Even/Odd 1:1
Neighbors of zero 8:1, 11:1 or 17:1
Tiers 17:1
Orphans 17:1 or 35:1

So, imagine this, if you were to place a wager on the first dozen and one of those numbers gets drawn, you'd be grinning from ear to ear as you'd bag twice the amount you bet (2:1), symbolising a whopping 200% profit in the game of European Football Roulette played with real cash.

In turn, the stakes involved in Voisins du Zero and Orphelins bets carry variations in the overall prize due to the fact that certain numbers offer higher payouts than others when drawn in this style of wager. This is a bit like a roller coaster ride—thrilling and unpredictable. Each bet is a unique dance of chance, where the rhythm of the game is dictated by the spin of the wheel and the bounce of the ball. The tension builds with every spin, as you wait with bated breath, wondering if your number will come up. One element that adds to the excitement is the variation in potential winnings. Some numbers, when drawn, can bring a windfall much greater than others. So, every time you place your bet, you're not just betting on a number - you're hoping for a jackpot! Remember, though, the game of chance doesn't play favourites. Each spin of the wheel is an independent event, as unpredictable as a toss of a coin. So, keep your wits about you, and may Lady Luck be with you in your next game.

European Football Roulette Game Payouts

European Football Roulette Game Design and Sound Effects

Undeniably, Playtech has done an exceedingly good job adapting a roulette game to the theme of football. Granted, the changes are solely aesthetic, but this imparts a unique atmosphere, particularly if we draw comparisons to live roulette games. As for the sounds, there's nothing particularly distinct, and even a sprinkling more music to enhance the game wouldn't go astray.

Contrasts Between Traditional Gaming and Online Gaming

The European Football Roulette, an exciting game that tantalises with its promise of winning cash, is essentially a European roulette with its own distinctive backdrop and design elements. So, aside from the convenience of how the stakes are digitally placed, this thrilling game of European Football Roulette mirrors any traditional European roulette game you'd find. It's just like being in a bustling Australian casino, but with a fun twist of football fever!

In contrast to the conventional or even live casino versions, you have the freedom to choose when to play, without a time limit to kick-start the round. Of course, depending on the casino you select, it could indeed be possible to play with some kind of bonus, but promotions are usually more focused on the online slot machines that have real money at stake.

Play European Football Roulette on Your Mobile

Playtech, a renowned and contemporary gaming provider, is known for its highly responsive, rewarding games. As such, the game, European Football Roulette, proves to be a reliable choice for mobile gaming, even directly through your browser. This deeply engaging game has an undeniable charm and puts player satisfaction at the forefront, making it a delightful addition to your mobile gaming repertoire right here in Australia.

A handful of casinos still offer the option to play via an app, but the essence of the game remains unchanged. Moreover, you can continue to rely on your tried-and-tested strategy for playing European Football Roulette, as the mechanics and gameplay are identical, save for the tactile thrill of screen taps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play the European Football Roulette game at any casino?

No, mate. Even though Playtech is a widely recognised pokie machine provider, not every casino features all of their games in their catalogue. You'd be wise to go for the casinos we've recommended here.

Is it permissible to bet on the European Football Roulette online game?

Yes, absolutely, as long as you're playing in casinos that are solely operating from overseas.

Can I utilize the website bonus in the online game, European Football Roulette?

Certain casinos might allow the bonus to be utilised on roulette games, though it's usually with a modest contribution towards the wagering requirement. However, it's always worth a shot, and the thrill of the game combined with the potential of a little extra in your pocket makes it all the more enticing. Just remember, always play responsibly and check that the bonus information is current, giving you a fair go in the pursuit of the big win.

Is the European Football Roulette game trustworthy?

Indeed, we're dealing with a game here, powered by the RNG software from Playtech, a prestigious gaming provider.

Does the game European Football Roulette really pay out?

As a roulette game crafted by Playtech, we're assured that the outcomes are fair and square. To secure your winnings, it's crucial to select a top-notch casino in Australia.

Who can play European Football Roulette online?

Every Aussie who's celebrated their 18th birthday has the golden ticket to sign up at a casino and dive right into the exhilarating whirlwind of gaming.