How to Play European Roulette

Regarding the Game European Roulette

The game 'European Roulette' is a straightforward online roulette game from NetEnt, styled in the traditional European manner. Birthed in the year 2013, it embodies a somewhat simpler aesthetic than its more contemporary counterparts, yet its user-friendly and efficient design keeps it an appealing choice for many.

From a top-tier provider, the game of European Roulette for real cash boasts an RTP of 97.30% and low volatility, qualities often seen in roulette games in trusted casinos.

In Australia, European Roulette games, such as the classic European Roulette, hold a special spot in the hearts of players for being the best among all roulette-style games. It's the game's simplicity that charms players, but what's really got them hooked is the lower house edge. Plus, being a game of historical value, it loads in a jiffy, which adds to the appeal.

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How to Play the European Roulette Game?

Quite straightforward, the little game known as European Roulette kicks off with a spinning roulette wheel, minus the ball, and a clearly visible betting table. The look and feel of European Roulette somewhat reminds one of live roulette games, but without a croupier.

The first thing to catch your eye when playing European Roulette are the vibrant, numbered chips on offer, ranging in value from AUD 0.25 up to a whopping AUD 2,000 each. Additionally, you've got a handy set of controls on the right-hand side allowing you to double-down on your wager, have another crack at it, step back, or call it quits.

In NetEnt's European Roulette game, you'll also discover a button detailing the payouts, another showing stats, and even the option of playing the game in full-screen mode, all located on the left-hand side. Lastly, you'll find the hot numbers (high output) and cold numbers (low output) of the real money European Roulette game tucked away in the top right corner.

Having acclimatised to the controls and peculiarities, all you've got to do mate, is just hit the chips and then the sections of the table where you fancy placing your bet in the game of European Roulette online.

If you fancy, you have the opportunity to trial your strategy for playing European Roulette in the free mode, or demonstration. In this way, you can get quite cosy with the different types of bets in the free version of European Roulette, but remember, you won't be able to pocket any winnings until you switch to real money.

Bet Types

In the captivating game of European Roulette, one can explore ten distinct betting options, each enlivened by a simple click. After you've chosen your chip, it's as simple as clicking on the roulette table, akin to laying chips down in a lively, bustling casino. These options are:

  • Direct: bet on a single number by clicking the square's center.
  • Split: a wager on the line between two numbers, covering both.
  • Triple-Line (Street) Bet: a wager on three numbers.
  • Square: a bet placed on four neighboring numbers that includes all four.
  • A complete row of six digits: six line.
  • Article Segment: The column bet that selects an entire column, marked as "2:1".
  • Dozen: a bet that wagers on numbers by the dozens, on the part of the table that states "12".
  • Red/Black: Bet on all red or all black.
  • Even/Odd: place a wager on all even or odd numbers.
  • 1-18 or 19-36: Wager on the numbers from 1 to 18 or from 19 to 36.

Game rules

The game rules for European Roulette mirror those of any traditional European roulette:

  • The riskier the wager, the higher the payout, yet the payouts are always set.
  • Bets placed cannot be annulled.
  • The round only occurs when you press the play button, as it is not a live game.
  • All winnings from the European Roulette game that offers cash are added to your casino balance.
  • Any roulette is a game of chance and there are no assurances that hot numbers will recur.

European Roulette Game Payments

Just like any European roulette, the game of European Roulette that brings in the cash relies only on the roll of luck. However, the wagers you place carry with them a certain level of odds and risks, and the pay-outs are inversely proportional. Here are the pay-outs for each type of bet:

Bet Payment
Straight 35:1
Split 17:1
Street 11:1
Corner 8:1
Six-Line 5:1
Column / Dozen 2:1
Red/Black / Even/Odd / 1-18/19-35 1:1

So, those are the spoils you'll reap from your wager if you strike it lucky. If you've loaded up your casino account using a credit card, then that's the way your winnings will come back to you. The same rings true for and digital wallets, which typically have a lower Minimum Deposit at the casinos.

European Roulette Game Payouts

Game Design and Sound Rendering

Even though it's been a decade since its inception, the game European Roulette by NetEnt still holds its charm in the contemporary world. Its design is far from unsightly, bearing a striking resemblance to a real-life roulette, coupled with pleasant ambient sounds that echo a casino lounge. The perpetual animation and fluidity of the scenes are particularly pleasing to players.

Contrasts Between Traditional Gaming and Online Gaming

The European Roulette, a popular variant of the classic roulette, is a thrilling game from NetEnt that stays true to the traditional rules. The major difference lies in the fact that you're engaging in this captivating game solo and online, instead of experiencing the hustle and bustle of an actual casino in person. Translation not found

Mobile European Roulette

The game of European Roulette is a sure bet when played on mobile, thanks to the diligent work of NetEnt to ensure its responsiveness. Whether you're rolling the virtual roulette wheel through an app, should your favourite casino offering real money European Roulette have one, or going straight through your browser, it's a seamless experience.

In either case, the sole distinction when we draw a comparison to playing European Roulette on our computers lies in the fact that we command the game through gentle taps on the screen. Beyond this, we get to enjoy the identical thrilling experience, beautifully tailored by NetEnt, allowing us the freedom to indulge in our gaming desires from wherever we choose, provided we have an internet connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play the European Roulette game at any casino?

No, because it's essential for the casino in question to feature NetEnt games. Thankfully, most of them do.

Can I utilize the website's bonus for the online game European Roulette?

Each casino has its own unique set of rules when it comes to bonuses. Typically, a good number of them do allow for this, but the bets make only a minor contribution towards the rollover.

Is the game European Roulette trustable?

Crafted by one of the largest providers of online pokies for real money and games in general, yes, this is indeed a trustworthy game.

Can I play European Roulette at Bet365?

No, Bet365 Casino doesn't have this particular NetEnt game in its repertoire, but you can dive into the other thrilling games we swear by.

Does the game European Roulette truly reward its players?

This is a game that's meticulously audited by NetEnt, a leading provider in the industry, and faithfully adheres to the authentic rules of roulette. So yes, indeed, it rewards those who are kissed by lady luck.

How much can I earn in the European Roulette game?

Taking into account that the maximum win is a whopping 35 times the bet on a single number, and the highest wager one can make is $10,000 in Australian dollars, you could potentially pocket a staggering $350,000 from a single bet. Imagine that, mate! One moment you're having a crack at the numbers, the next, you're holding a small fortune.

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