How to Play Lightning Roulette Online

Regarding the Lightning Roulette Game

The Lightning Roulette game, an Aussie version of the globally applauded Lightning Roulette, is a European roulette that packs punchy multipliers of up to 500x for straight number bets. Crafted by the renowned provider, Evolution Gaming, it comes with a fair Return to Player (RTP) of 97.30%, offering you a solid chance at experiencing some big wins.

The game of Lightning Roulette, played with real money, is taking Australia by storm, not just because of the seamless adaptation and the charismatic dealers who converse in English, but also for the thrilling chance of landing a windfall with the lightning multipliers.

In essence, the Lightning Roulette game where real money's at stake shares the same heartbeat as other live roulette games when it comes to its mechanics and rules.

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How to Play the Lightning Roulette Game?

Engaging in the real money Lightning Roulette game is akin to diving headfirst into a thrilling live experience, not something that dances to your tune. As soon as you lift the lid, the action is already in full swing. It's the dealer who orchestrates the rhythm of the game, declaring when the Lightning Roulette betting window is flung open. At that electrifying moment, you're granted merely a few heartbeats to make your move.

As per the various betting options outlined further on, you should carefully choose the value of the chip you want to wager and then give a click on one of the two tables to place your bet. Remember, mates, the value of the chips will automatically be deducted from your betting houses balance.

Each chip holds a value from AUD 0.05 to AUD 5, and it's feasible to place a wager up to AUD 5,000 in one go. Once bets are laid within the permitted time, the pulse-racing round of the game, Lightning Roulette, kicks off, promising cash winnings. At this thrilling juncture, you might strike it lucky as 1 to 5 lightning numbers are drawn with multipliers ranging from 50x to 500x. Get set for a whirlwind of potential bonus wins!

The wheel spins in the online Lightning Roulette game, and lucky winners emerge, their player balances automatically refreshed. On the off chance your luck doesn't hold, remember you can always top up from the casino's Minimum Deposit to keep the fun rolling with Lightning Roulette.

Given that it's a live game, there just isn't an opportunity to play Lightning Roulette for free. Besides, since it's a game of pure chance, any successful strategy for playing Lightning Roulette involves sensible bankroll management, never about predicting the right numbers. So, come on, take a punt and let Lady Luck lead you in this thrilling game of odds and anticipation!

Game rules

  • Betting is only possible when the dealer initiates the betting round.
  • Interacting respectfully with the dealer and other players is allowed.
  • The Lightning Roulette games only pay the multiplier if the bet is placed directly on the drawn number.
  • A direct bet is any wager placed solely on a number, by positioning the chip on it.
  • Lightning multipliers range from 50x to 500x per round and can cover between one and five numbers at a time.
  • Once the round has commenced, there isn't any way to cancel or alter your wager.
  • All profits and losses are instantly calculated on your casino balance.
  • Playing live games that pay is not possible for free.
  • The roulette and lightning numbers are entirely random, and the casino doesn't have the ability to manipulate them.

Bet Types

There's a fascinating array of bets available in the Lightning Roulette game, so let's break them down in an enjoyable, straightforward manner for you.

  • Internal Bets - These are placed within the rectangle that contains the numbers, like:
    • Straight Up: bets on a single number only and is the only one that gives the right to the Lightning Roulette game multiplier.
    • Dividida: placing a wager on the line that separates two numbers to bet on both.
    • Rua: wager at the end of a number line to pick the three from the vertical.
    • Canto: a wager placed on four numbers, at the intersection of lines, to bet on all four.
    • Line: a wager that covers all six numbers at the intersection at the end of two vertical lines.
  • Outside Bets - These are wagers placed on the options surrounding the roulette table's numbers.
    • Column Bet: This is a wager placed on an entire column, situated where it states "2:1" at the end of each of the three horizontal columns.
    • Dozen: place your bet on one of the three spaces marked "12" to wager on one of the three dozens.
    • Red/Black: it's a wager on the red or black color on the outer side of the roulette table.
    • Even/Odd: Bets respectively known as 'even' and 'odd', where wagers are placed on all even or odd numbers.
    • 1-18/19-36: a wager that covers the numbers from 1 to 18 or 19 to 36 all at once.


  • Neighbor Bets - These are the wagers located on the secondary roulette table, structured in a circular layout, adjacent to the main table.
    • The Roulette Third (Tiers du Cylindre) splits six chips among 12 numbers, specifically in predetermined divisions of two numbers each.
    • Neighbors of Zero (Voisins du Zero): a wager that encompasses a total of 17 numbers located adjacent to the zero on the roulette wheel, utilizing nine chips.
    • Orphelins a Cheval: covers eight numbers using a total of five separate chips, consisting of one straight bet and four splits.
    • Zero Game (Jeu Zero): Covers 0 and six nearby numbers, specifically 12, 35, 3, 26, 0, 32, and 15 with four chips, with one direct bet on 26 and the rest divided.

There's also a unique thrill waiting for seasoned players in Lightning Roulette games, tucked away in the favourite bets area. These special wagers are not just your average bets, but a chance for the experienced warriors of the casino floor to test their mettle. So, if you're feeling adventurous and up for the challenge, these special bets are just the ticket to elevate your game to new heights. Remember, though, fortune favours the brave!

Game Payouts

Now that we've gained a deeper understanding of the various wager types in the game of Lightning Roulette, it's only fair that we familiarise ourselves with how much each bet could potentially reward us.

  • Direct: 29:1
  • Split: 17:1
  • Two: 11:1
  • Canto: 8:1 
  • Line: 5:1
  • Column: 2:1
  • Dozen: 2:1
  • Red/Black: 1:1
  • Odd/Even: 1:1
  • 1-18/19-36: 1:1 

In the heart-pounding world of Lightning Roulette, players should take note that the payout for a straight bet is 29x the player's wager, which is less than the typical 35x seen in other roulette games. In other words, there's a slight dip in the winnings from the top bet. However, this is balanced by the thrill of up to 500x multipliers for straight bets hit by the electric jolt of the lightning, injecting a surge of adrenaline into the game. The Australian dollar never stood a chance against such electrifying odds!

Game Payouts

Design e Som

More than just a roulette wheel at the heart of the room, the Lightning Roulette game creates an electrifying atmosphere. There's always a dealer providing a lively commentary on the proceedings, and the setting is an absolute spectacle of lights, yet tastefully done without any excess. On the screen in the backdrop, the lightning numbers pop up, these bring in multipliers.

Hence, we can confidently state that the game, Lightning Roulette, stands amongst the top meticulously designed games in terms of aesthetics in the live roulette rooms.

Contrasts Between Traditional Gaming and Online Gaming

There's simply nothing out there that's quite like Lightning Roulette, neither in the hustle and bustle of brick-and-mortar casinos, nor in the vast realm of online ones. This unique gem, beaming with originality, is the very brainchild of Evolution. So, not only does it let you place live bets from the cosiness of your home down under, but it also stands out from other versions of European roulette with its own exclusive winning multipliers. This is what makes Lightning Roulette so special and sets it apart from the rest. Splendid isn't it?

Mobile Lightning Roulette Article Excerpt

Fully adaptive, the Lightning Roulette game is as dependable as your best mate, no matter the screen or device, because it adjusts brilliantly. Every feature and bet operates just like a well-oiled machine, so no worries, mate! Just dive in straight through your browser on the casino site of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play the Lightning Roulette game at any casino?

Though the provider Evolution features prominently in a vast majority of casinos, not all of them house the electrifying game of Lightning Roulette.

Is it permissible to gamble on the Lightning Roulette online game?

Absolutely, engaging in online gaming at casinos located overseas is presently your only legit option. So, why not choose from one of the sites we've already put through its paces? This way, you're backing a sure winner, all while staying within the boundaries of the law. After all, it's all fun and games until someone breaks the rules, mate!

Can I utilize the casino bonus in the Lightning Roulette game?

It's a rare gem when bonuses can be applied to live games like Lightning Roulette, but some casinos do offer this little ray of sunshine, so it's worth having a squiz at the rules.

Is the Lightning Roulette game trustworthy?

Because it's broadcast by the magnificent Evolution, we have full confidence that Lightning Roulette games are genuinely random and trustworthy.

Does the Lightning Roulette game truly payout?

In the electrifying game of Lightning Roulette, you're genuinely rewarded, all it takes is a bit of luck to hit the mark with your guess.

Is it possible to consistently win in the Lightning Roulette game?

No, just like any game of chance, and even though Lightning Roulette really does pay out, you need a stroke of luck and sometimes you may get it wrong. Even in Australia, where the spirit of giving it a go is embraced, you have to realise that in this game of roulette, sometimes Lady Luck might not be on your side. We all know that it's not always rainbows and butterflies - sometimes you'll hit, and other times you’ll miss. But hey, that's the thrill and heart-racing allure of gambling, isn't it? Remember to keep your wagering balanced, ensure your bonuses are up-to-date, and always gamble responsibly.

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