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Aloha Cluster Pays

About the game

G'day, Aloha Cluster Pays is a virtual pokie from NetEnt, deeply rooted in Hawaiian culture. First appearing in 2016, the game boasts a respectable RTP of 96.42% and its graphics continue to retain their freshness and appeal right up to the present day. This game brings the spirit of Hawaii right to your fingertips, adorned with vibrant visuals and a compelling gameplay that has stood the test of time.

What captivates the players is its unique proposition: the assembly of its icons isn't reliant on location, simply on their quantity.

How to Play Aloha Cluster Pays?

Once you've stumbled upon an online casino that tickles your fancy, make a choice between playing Aloha Cluster Pays for kicks or for real Aussie dollars. Hop into the corresponding game mode and make a solid decision about how much you're willing to punt, anywhere from 0.10 to 200 coins.

To modify your wager, you can utilise both the 'Level' as well as the 'Coin Value'. What's crucial here is to keep a keen eye on the amount set in 'Bet' as this will be your total stake. The 'Max Bet' button is your mate, it conveniently adjusts your bet to the highest potential amount automatically.

Finally, you have the convenience of letting the game run on its own in 'Auto Play' mode, or feel the thrill of each spin by clicking the central spin button yourself. Here's hoping you'll be flooded with loads of matching symbols!

Game rules

  • One can earn up to 10,000 times their stake.
  • There are no paylines, it only matters that there are at least 9 identical symbols close to each other.
  • Random re-spins can occur at any moment after a combination, preserving the matched symbols.

Icons, Lines, and Payouts

The captivating tribal idol symbols, amounting to a trio, can indeed be accumulated, counting as a double symbol in one go. They are the absolute cream of the crop, closely followed by an additional quartet of symbols that are so reminiscent of the Hawaiian islands, although with rewards that might not make your heart race as much.

In a spontaneous twist, a cryptic symbol could surface on any one of the 6 reels and take the place of the rest in a sequence. This adds to the gripping suspense in the game, making the experience as unpredictable and thrilling as the Australian Outback itself.

In addition to that, there's also a symbol for free spins or complimentary whirls. As all these symbols fall randomly, the players twirl with passion, always striving to score the biggest possible identical combo. With every spin, there's a thrill, a heartbeat of anticipation. It's all a game of luck, but it sure does keep you on the edge of your seat!

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Rewards of Aloha Cluster Pays

The standout perk of the NetEnt's Aloha Cluster Pays game comes in the guise of free spins. To bag these, you've got to reel in at least three symbols marked with the words "Free Spins" anywhere on the 5x6 Aloha Cluster Pays game board. Keep in mind though, the total number of spins you get hinges directly on the number of these symbols you manage to nab.

  • Six Icons: 12 Free Spins
  • Five Symbols: 11 Free Spins
  • Four Symbols: 10 Free Spins
  • Three symbols: 9 free spins

They also show up during the free spins themselves, granting further amounts of these complimentary rotations:

  • Six Symbols: +4 Free Spins
  • Five symbols: +3 free spins
  • Four symbols: +2 free spins
  • Three symbols: +1 free spin

As an extra thrill, players of the pokie game Aloha Cluster Pays are treated to additional spins if they're unable to score a winning combination on their last free spin, and this keeps going until they've won something. It's like a little ray of sunshine, giving Aussie players another shot at getting that winning feeling.

Aloha Cluster Pays: Design and Sound Details

Even though it's been five years since its debut, the game Aloha Cluster Pays continues to hold its charm with a strikingly modern and appealing look. Its animations give you the sense that you're immersed in a 3D online pokie game. Moreover, the sound effects, they're so in sync with the Hawaiian theme, it's like they carry an aura that just whisks you away to the sandy shores of Hawaii.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best combination in the Aloha Cluster Pays game?

The red icon's totem boasts an astonishing reward of 10,000 times your wager for 30 matching symbols on the screen - an achievement that's exceptionally rare.

Does the game feature any progressive jackpot?

No, it's not about an online slot machine with a progressive jackpot prize.

How to obtain free spins?

Free spins are gifted to any player who manages to land at least three Free Spin symbols in a single spin. This exciting feature allows Aussie gamers to try their luck and potentially amplify their winnings, injecting a thrilling dose of adrenaline into their gaming experience. Just remember, it's all part of the great Aussie tradition of giving things a fair go. So, grab those free spins and let the reels do the talking!

Is it possible to play Aloha Cluster Pays for free?

Absolutely, mate! All you need to do is pick one of the online casinos that we've given a thumbs up. They'll let you have a crack at playing a free game. No worries!

How to comprehend RTP?

An RTP of 96.42% implies that, assuming thousands of games are played,

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