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Arcane Reel Chaos

About the game

Arcane Reel Chaos is an exciting 5-reel online pokie that immerses you into a thrilling world of good versus evil, brimming with superpowers. All the while, you're striving to snag multipliers and free spins with every spin. This gripping game offers you more than just a chance to win; it's a heart-pumping journey where every turn could lead to a potential windfall. So, get ready Australia, for a pokie experience that's positively electrifying!

Unveiled in 2019 by NetEnt, Arcane Reel Chaos presents an appealing RTP of 96.81%, in addition to random bonuses generously bestowed by the game's heroes. All you need to do is hit 'Play' to learn more about this captivating tale in the best possible way: by placing your bets.

How to Play Arcane Reel Chaos?

Before you dive head-first into your chosen online gaming house, take a moment to see if they offer the opportunity to have a free whirl first. If you're feeling confident and don't fancy a trial run, you can also lay your already deposited cash on the line.

You have the freedom to tweak your stakes in the "Coin Value" section, ensuring you're only placing bets within your comfort zone, ranging anywhere from 0.20 to 100 coins a spin. The largest spin button takes the wager and sets the game in motion, while the smaller one, adorned with a Play symbol, gives you the convenience of firing up the game in auto-play mode.

Bonuses pop up completely out of the blue, while free spins are ushered in by a specific combination. So, all you've got to do is keep laying your bets to discover where fortune might take you.

Game rules

  • Arcane Reel Chaos boasts 20 paylines for creating combinations.
  • The highest you can win is 1,000 times your bet.
  • Apart from the Scatter, all must match from left to right.
  • To win something, you must align at least three symbols in a row.
  • The bonuses of superheroes are randomly awarded during spins.
  • The free spins continue as long as the heroes maintain their life in the battle against the adversary.

Symbols, Lines and Payouts

In the heart of the Arcane Reel Chaos, you'll find five lowly symbols, beautifully represented by playing cards. But the real stars of the story, the other five, are the central characters themselves. Your heart will skip a beat when the villain makes his appearance - he's the most lucrative character indeed! If you're lucky enough to match five of his wicked symbols, your bet will be multiplied by five - it's as if he's casting a spell to fill your pockets!

The game also boasts a Wild, depicted as the letter W, which exists with the singular purpose of stepping in for any symbol, whether of low or high value, in a combination. This adds an exciting layer of unpredictability to every spin, injecting a dose of thrilling anticipation into the heart of every Aussie gamer.

The smallest possible payouts happen with three low symbols, starting at 0.25x the bet.


Arcane Reel Chaos's Bonus Details

In the most wildly unpredictable fashion, players can land one of the thrilling bonuses from Arcane Reel Chaos, generously bestowed by the heroes striving to instil fairness in their world. Plus, you can also score some exciting free spins by skillfully aligning the Scatter symbol. It's an exhilarating experience that keeps you on the edge of your seat, anticipating the next unexpected windfall. Your luck could change in an instant, turning into a spectacular winning moment!

Character Bonuses

  • Psyop, the protagonist in Stacked Wilds, possesses telekinetic powers. He materializes during a spin to establish a column of fixed Wilds, assisting the player in forming a combination.
  • Zero X Wilds Replacements: Zero X emerges to replace 3 to 5 symbols with its Wilds.
  • Flare X Multipliers: The heroine Flare X emerges to grant a multiplier ranging from 3x to 5x, which enhances your earnings with the combinations.
  • Chrono S Redo: Chrono S is a hero that can show up and use his powers to grant you an extra free spin if your bet fails, and more until you hit the mark. With every new spin, a multiplier is added up to a maximum of 10x.

Free Spins

To score free spins in the Arcane Reel Chaos game, players need to snag three Scatter symbols, which pop up at random on the pokie's reels. Once they've managed this feat, they're thrust into an electrifying face-off between the heroes and the adversary.

With each successful move, the rogue character Deep Pockets loses a life. If there's no win, it's our brave heroes who bear the brunt. As the villain is gradually defeated, the player ventures into increasingly challenging levels, with the rewards magnifying, up to 4 times the winnings. If the player skilfully navigates through all four levels, they are rewarded with an impressive super bonus. This adds a thrilling twist to the game, making each victory even sweeter.

Arcane Reel Chaos's Sound and Design Elements

The visuals of the pokie game, Arcane Reel Chaos, are simply remarkable, easily mistaken for fresh off the press. Moreover, every spin is enveloped in animated sequences, particularly during the bonuses, accompanied by sound effects worthy of a superhero blockbuster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Play Arcane Reel Chaos For Free?

Sure, just select an online casino that hosts NetEnt games and allows you to play for free as a trial.

Who Can Play Arcane Reel Chaos?

In the very casinos we suggest, you just need to visit them through the browser or the app, if available.

Is the Game's RTP Worth It?

With an average player return (RTP) nudging close to 97% coupled with low volatility, it's certainly worth your while. Yes, indeed, in the heart of Australia, this is a fair dinkum good deal!

How Many Free Spins Can One Win?

Rather than being limited to a set number of spins, the free plays continue as long as the heroes are still standing and the villain remains in play.

Who Can Play?

Any Aussie who's celebrated their 18th birthday can register at one of the casinos and enjoy the thrill of playing completely free or with real hard cash. Whether you're in it for the sheer joy of the game or the tantalising lure of potential winnings, the doors of opportunity are flung wide open for you. It's all about the exhilarating rush of a potential jackpot dancing in your eyes every time you place a bet. Just don't forget to keep the information about bonuses up-to-date! Australia, the choice is yours!

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