Archangels: Salvation - A Slot Machine by NetEnt

Archangels: Salvation

About the game

Archangels: Salvation is a unique online pokie from NetEnt, boasting six reels and a whopping twelve rows, where symbols tumble down, encapsulating the epic battle between two celestial archangels.

Launched in 2018, Archangels: Salvation offers a fair RTP of 96.08%. While the unique format draws a few punters in, some others are left pondering if it's worth placing a wager, at such times, giving it a free whirl at recommended casinos could be quite helpful.

How to Play Archangels: Salvation?

Despite its unique structure, Archangels: Salvation is not complex. If you want to get accustomed to it.

In a multitude of other NetEnt casino games, just like this one, players only need to settle on the total wager amount before they give the wheel a whirl. In this instance, both the coin value as well as the bet level is adjustable to fit your needs. Broadly speaking, the value may sway from a paltry 0.40 coins up to an eye-catching 200. As a player, you're given the freedom to select an amount that suits your comfort zone. This elasticity adds a lively touch to your gaming experience, making every spin feel more personalised and thrilling. Remember, this is an Aussie game and bonuses are updated regularly, ensuring you're always in the loop with the latest rewards.

The Max Bet button is your quick gateway to the highest wager you can possibly place, while the AutoPlay button ensures the game spins on its own, with a consistent bet. All you need to do is give the spin button a simple click to play manually and witness the magic unfold.

Game rules

  • Archangels: Salvation offers a hundred payment lines to form combinations.
  • The maximum number of coins that can be earned is 15,000.
  • Apart from the Scatter, all must align from left to right.
  • At least three symbols must be matched on one of the 100 possible lines to win something.
  • Simple Wilds and Stacked Wilds only occur during the Heaven and Hell bonus rounds.

Icons, Lines and Payouts

The 100 paylines are spread delightfully across the 6x12 grid of the captivating Archangels: Salvation game. The most striking symbols are the angel and the devil themselves, each of them offering an exciting pay-out of up to 150 times your wager with six combinations – the ultimate count for any symbol in this thrilling game.

The remaining symbols are split into mid and low values. Within each cluster, there are 4 symbols, all holding the equivalent winnings within the group. It's worth noting that among the mid-value symbols, the minimum win is 3x the line bet for three symbols, soaring up to a generous 50x for six symbols. It's a thrilling rollercoaster of potential returns, always keeping you on the edge and adding that extra spice to the betting experience.

The Wild feature of the game could show up in a 2x2 layout, taking up four spaces in total. It's this very feature that triggers one of the special bonuses in the pokie game, Archangels: Salvation, when it makes an appearance in one of the game's unique zones.

Two of the top rows and two of the bottom ones illustrate Heaven and Hell, respectively. Should the Wild make an appearance there, the player is awarded a bonus. This turns the game into a thrilling rollercoaster ride, as every spin brings with it the tantalising possibility of earning a bonus. So, step right up and experience the captivating contrast between celestial highs and devilish lows, all while your adrenaline surges with each spin. The game has never been this riveting, and the bonuses have never been more rewarding. Our promise to you is the most up-to-date bonus information, ensuring your gaming experience is always fresh and exciting. Happy gaming, mate!

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Archangels: Salvation Bonus Details

The two bonus features in the game Archangels: Salvation tantalisingly split between the allure of Heaven or the thrill of Hell, and the captivating free spins. The method to snag these bonuses varies, but your luck always holds the key. In the heart of this enthralling game, the thrill of chance remains, keeping you on your toes as you venture into divine or devilish rewards.

Paradise and Hell's Bonuses

This feature of Archangels: Salvation comes to life in Heaven and/or Hell, the first and last two rows, each time a Wild symbol makes its grand appearance on them. The thrilling outcome is entirely dependent on the area where this electrifying event unfolds.

  • Paradise: If a 2x2 Wild appears on the top two rows, the player receives between 2 to 4 columns filled with Wild symbols on the remainder of the slot machine.
  • Inferno: If the same instance happens in both bottom rows, the player obtains 8 or 16 wild symbols on the remaining slot machine, enabling more combinations.

Free Spins

When you're playing the much-loved Archangels: Salvation slot game and at least three Scatter symbols, represented by a crest with an S, grace your screen, you're in for a real treat - free spins, mate! The total number of free spins you'll receive is dependent on the number of Scatters you spot, it's like a lucky dip surprise waiting to happen.

  • Three symbols: 10 spins
  • Four symbols: 15 spins
  • Five symbols: 20 spins
  • Six symbols: 25 spins

During the thrill of free spins within the game, both the Heaven and Hell domains intriguingly expand by one row each. This delightful twist dramatically escalates the chance of landing a Wild within these exciting areas, thereby boosting your opportunity to activate all those thrilling, additional bonuses.

Architectural Layout and Sound of Archangels: Salvation's Design

Archangels: Salvation is brimming with captivating 3D pokie animations, complemented by stirring instrumental tracks that underscore the game's central theme of spiritual and mythological warfare. Indeed, the animations take centre stage, leaving only a modest space for the symbols.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Play Archangels: Salvation for Free?

Absolutely. All high-quality online casinos present the golden opportunity for you to give their games a whirl, and that too, absolutely free of charge. It's their generous way of tapping into the Aussie spirit of giving everything a fair go. So, whether you're in Sydney, Melbourne, or the Outback, rest assured that you can test the waters before diving headfirst into the thrilling world of online gaming.

What's the Best Strategy to Play Archangels: Salvation?

Firstly, why not give the game a free whirl, make sure you scope out any worthwhile bonuses to kickstart your session, always remembering to toss in a reasonable amount so your game hangs around for a bit longer.

What Does Average Volatility Mean?

Medium volatility games strike a balance in the frequency at which the games result in combinations. In the heartland of Australia, these games are like finding the perfect point in a seesaw, providing a blend of risk and reward that keeps you on your toes. They're unpredictable, but not too wild - a bit like spotting a kangaroo on a bushwalk, it's a thrill, but not a total surprise. Remember, always stay updated with the latest bonus offers, mate!

How Many Free Spins Can I Earn?

One can trigger free spins through Scatter, gaining anywhere from 10 to 25 complimentary plays.

What is RTP?

It's an approximation of the average payout a player could anticipate if they were to engage in gameplay over an extended period.

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