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Concerning the Aviator Online game

The gaming sensation, Aviator, first soared onto the scene in 2019 and in the very year of its launch, it underwent a revamp to enhance its speed and dynamism, while also introducing more interactive chat features. Since that time, its popularity has been skyrocketing in Australia, primarily because it presented a refreshing departure from the traditional pokies that we've grown so accustomed to.

Crafted by the creative minds at Spribe, a company reputable for a myriad of thrilling betting games such as crash and multiples, Aviator Online boasts an impressive Return to Player (RTP) of 97%. But remember, the game is in your hands, mate! As the player, you hold the power to determine when to call it quits. Hence, the return can wildly swing. So, buckle up and enjoy the ride, but always play responsibly!

Today, you can give the free Aviator a whirl at the same casinos where you're able to make a deposit and play the money-winning Aviator game slated for 2023. If crash games are a novelty to you, I'd wholeheartedly recommend getting your feet wet with a free trial first.

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How to play Aviator Online?

Once you've decided where to have a crack at the Aviator game, you'll discover that you can choose between a demonstration version or play the Aviator game that earns real money, projected for 2023, by placing actual wagers. The initial option is a solid choice for trying out the game, but it's a wise idea to switch to the actual game as soon as you can, chasing the thrill of true winnings.

Understand that, unlike slot machine games, Aviator Online is a live game and the rounds kick off whether you're ready or not. There are two green 'Bet' buttons to lock in your bets. You can set the wager on one or both, always from AU$1 to AU$500, depending on your financial capabilities. Remember, it's not just about winning, it's about enjoying the thrill of the game and testing your luck!

How to play Aviator Online

Before the round kicks off, you've got the freedom to pull back your bet if you have a change of heart. Once the buzz of the round begins, just hit the same button to cash out whenever you feel tickled pink with the multiplier.

Up at the top end, you'll find where the latest rounds came to a halt, marked by increasing degrees of purple or red - the deeper the shade, the larger the multiple. Each round is an independent, random throw of the dice, so don't go hunting for patterns or signs of what might come next, because you're purely at the mercy of Lady Luck.

Finally, if you select "Auto" instead of "Bet", you can set both automatic bets and the perfect "cash out" or withdrawal time. In this way, you can have the Aviator game run independently. There's no crystal ball to predict where the multiplier will land, so just try to be a bit cautious mate.

Game rules

  • Bets cannot be cancelled once the round has commenced.
  • Only wagers placed before the round commences are accounted for.
  • Once the multiplier ceases its ascend, uncollected bets are forfeited.
  • There might be a lag between the button press and the tallying.
  • The minimum bet is R$ 1, while the maximum reaches R$ 500.
  • The maximum possible profit is R$ 100,000.
  • To win, it is necessary to gather the money before the plane loses.
  • In the free version of Aviator, there are no actual earnings.
  • Automatic bets cannot be reversed.

Bet types

When you place your bets on Aviator Online, the only thing that changes is the amount you choose to stake in each round. But there's a whole world of flexibility at your fingertips - you can either manually place your bets and collect your winnings under the 'Bet' tab, or set up automatic betting and withdrawals under the 'Auto' tab. The choice is entirely yours, mate! All you've got to do is decide what works best for you based on your own unique strategy.

Aviator game payments

Now that we're chummy with the buttons used to play Aviator online, we can hone in on the payouts, which let's be honest, is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for all you keen gamers. Essentially, the multiplier that pops up and rockets sky-high at breakneck speed, represents just how much your bet is ramped up by.

So, let's say you place a bet with AU$5 and hit the collection button at 2.30x, this means you'll be pocketing a neat AU$5 x 2.30 = AU$11.50. This formula can be applied to any bet amount and any multiplier. Now, isn't that a thrilling way to multiply your fun and winnings? Remember, every bet you place could lead you to refreshing bonuses and rewards. Stay updated, because every day is a chance to win big!

However, if you don't quite nail the timing of when to cash out before the plane goes up in a blaze, or if the game abruptly ends on a low multiple, your bet will be lost. It's a game of luck that could potentially go belly up right at take-off, at 1.00x, causing everyone to lose out.

Knowing this, it's vital that you carve out a smart strategy aimed at minimising your risk of loss and bolstering your odds of gain. Remember, good fortune smiles on the prepared, so in every chess match that is the financial market, it pays to always think several moves ahead. Be mindful of the latest bonus offerings in Australia and always keep your eye on the prize. After all, the objective of the game is to win, isn't it?

Game Components - Design & Sound

Aviator is an intentionally straightforward crash game. It doesn't dazzle with the flamboyant animations and colours like Spaceman. Actually, its simple sound effects, which are reminiscent of an aeroplane's flight, and its graphics, bear a striking similarity to JetX by Smartsoft Gaming. Therefore, this is a game designed to really draw the player's attention to the multiples.

Non-cellular Aviator

It feels like just yesterday when the Aviator game, which earns you dough, hit the scene. Meaning, it's fresh as a daisy, and fully adaptive to boot. In other lingo, we were able to play it seamlessly on mobile through trustworthy online casinos we recommend down under. Simple as that, mate!

Your options boil down to playing straight from your browser, or downloading the APK of the Android app, but only when it's available, which isn't always the case for every mobile phone. So, you'll soon discover that the game beautifully adapts to the screens of any mobile phone, whether you're an Android or iOS user.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play the Aviator game at any casino?

Almost every casino, mate! Not every website has the game, but given its ripper popularity, it's safe to say about 90% of the casinos we suggest, have the online Aviator game on offer.

Is it permissible to bet on the Aviator online game?

Absolutely, mate! Provided you choose online casinos based offshore that carry a valid operating license. It's fully above board, as long as they're legit and have the necessary permits to operate. Just keep your eyes peeled and stay safe out there in the world of online gaming.

Can I use the website's bonus for the online Aviator game?

This all boils down to the bonus rules of each casino, mate. Generally speaking, crash games aren't usually part of the bonus offering. So, whether you're in Melbourne, Sydney or anywhere in this great land of ours, don't bank on those crash games adding to your bonus total. The bonus rules can be a bit of a lucky dip, varying from one casino to another.

Can I play Aviator on my mobile phone?

Absolutely, it's a thrilling adventure to immerse yourself in gaming, with all the adaptability that mobile devices provide.

What is the RTP for the Aviator game?

The return-to-player rate (RTP) of this game from Spribe stands at a remarkable 97%, distinctly above the norm for instant casino games.

Is Aviator superior to JetX?

It's a real corker trying to proclaim one game superior to another, given that they both have the identical return to player (RTP) rate. Moreover, it truly hinges on the timing and the player's streak of good fortune.

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