NetEnt's Berry Burst MAX - A Most Enticing Slot Machine

Berry Burst MAX

About the game

Berryburst MAX is an enthralling online pokie from NetEnt, launched in 2018, boasting a robust return to player (RTP) of 96.23%. To this day, it's a sizzling hot choice amongst Australian players who are on the hunt for lucrative gains, particularly attributed to its unique and irresistible proposition.

Instead of lining up symbols from left to right, what really matters in the game is that the spin lands at least five matching symbols side by side. With this, the player is already sitting on a sure win, and the actual amount won can change depending on the symbols that pop up.

How to Play Berry Burst MAX?

The sweetest way to get a grip on how to play Berry Burst MAX is by giving it an initial whirl, totally free of charge, at the suggested online casinos.

You have the flexibility to tailor the value of your coins according to their worth and also based on the level of your bet, with a range spanning from a small 0.10 to a whopping 200 coins. There's even a 'Max Bet' button designed for those daring high rollers who wish to immediately place a maximum wager of 200 coins. If you're someone who enjoys a hands-off approach, the 'AutoPlay' feature has you covered, keeping the game spinning on its own.

Just give that central spin button a hearty whack and cross your fingers for a cascade of matching symbols to tumble down.

Game rules

  • Berry Burst MAX does not have paylines because it pays for clusters of symbols, at least five identical ones.
  • The highest reward one can obtain from a combination is 10,000x, the game's top prize, with 15 raspberries.
  • Should any column be covered by Wild symbols, the re-spins (a free spin) are activated, with a fixed Wild.
  • For each new Wild that emerges in the re-spin, a fresh spin is granted.

Symbols, Lines, and Payouts

Berry Burst MAX is a spot-on replica of the online pokie, Berry Burst, from NetEnt - an exhilarating revelation for all Aussie gaming enthusiasts. It boasts the exact vibrant seven fruit and deck of cards symbols, which breathe life into the game. What sets it apart though, and this is the part that really gets the heart racing, is the payouts. They double at the higher combination levels, and are slightly beefed up at the lower ends. This isn't just a game, it's an unmissable Australian gaming adventure with bigger rewards waiting to welcome you!

The sweetest symbol you could hope for is the raspberry, offering up to a whopping 10,000 coins for a perfect match of 15. Tailgating behind it are the humble orange, plump grapes, zesty lemon, along with the symbols of hearts, spades, and gold respectively.

Should you be lucky enough to stumble upon a Wild, not only can you swap other symbols, but you could also kick-start a series of free spins. This could turn the tide of the game in your favour, in what could only be described as a thrilling twist of events. Nothing beats the sensation of seeing the reels twirl without dipping into your account balance, that's the true allure of the game!


Berry Burst MAX's bonus details

In the vibrant game of Berry Burst MAX, players are given the chance to unlock free spins in a completely unpredictable manner, without the need of a Scatter. This exciting opportunity relies solely on the accumulation of a few Wild symbols. The thrill of the game is in its randomness, making each spin a new chance to strike it lucky! It's a joyous whirlwind of colour and chance, where the bonus lies in the unexpected!

Essentially, the game features two distinct types of Wilds: the regular symbol that steps in for the others and then disappears, along with the Space-Broadening Wild (Expanding Wild).

When the Wild sprawls out, taking over an entire reel, the player is gifted with a free spin with that elongated Wild fixed in place, significantly boosting the odds of a win.

Even better, additional Expanding Wilds might show up, potentially covering all the remaining 4 reels, consistently delivering an extra spin at no cost. All up, this bonus could provide a whopping 6,000 times the player's total bet on the final spin.

Berry Burst MAX's Design and Sound Schemes

Berry Burst MAX maintains the vibrant visuals and auditory features of its earlier version. So, it's a lively game in every aspect, brimming with colour and entertaining graphics. Bursting with excitement, this game is like an animated kaleidoscope of fun visuals that is sure to keep you engaged. Now, who's ready for a bit of a giggle and a whole lot of colour?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Play Berry Burst MAX for Free?

Yes, you can absolutely enjoy playing it free of charge at the online casinos we strongly recommend, which feature games from NetEnt in their portfolio.

Is Berry Burst MAX Superior to Berry Burst?

The potent combinations of the MAX version reward significantly higher than its predecessor, bringing a sense of thrill and anticipation. Meanwhile, the variances in RTP are minimal - shifting from 96.56% down to 96.23%, a slight dip that still holds the promise of a fair gaming experience. This information sets the stage for a warm gaming environment, full of excitement and just a touch of suspense. Up-to-the-minute, accurate bonus information brings a sense of security to your gaming adventure in the heart of Australia.

Is the Game's RTP Good?

Indeed, the Return to Player (RTP) slightly declines in comparison to its predecessor, which essentially indicates that it falls within the error margin.

How Many Free Spins Can You Earn?

Every expansive Wild awards you a complimentary spin. With five reels in play, you could be on the receiving end of up to five free spins.

Who Can Play?

Any Australian over the age of 18 can place bets on Berry Burst MAX.

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