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Blood Suckers II
Blood Suckers II

About the game

Blood Suckers II, tells the gripping tale of Amilia, a relentless vampire hunter, and it rides on the coattails of the first wildly successful pokie, also brought to life by NetEnt. Three years later, in the heart of 2017, this version made its grand entrance, boasting significantly more charming animations and graphics, all the while retaining the familiar gameplay that players have come to love.

The game keeps its thrilling 5 reels and 3 rows, along with the riveting 25 paylines and the tantalising chance to trigger bonus rounds. Its Return to Player (RTP) is a tad lower, pegged at an estimated 96.94%, which is still stupendous, particularly for a low-volatility game.

How to Play Blood Suckers II?

Those who have already braved the chilling depths of the original Blood Suckers game will find themselves comfortably at home in the sequel, Blood Suckers II. Meanwhile, newcomers can take advantage of playing Blood Suckers II for free at selected Australian casinos, gaining much-needed experience and a feel for the game's delightful yet spine-chilling atmosphere. It's an opportunity that's hard to resist, eh? So, why not have a go today and allow your adventurous spirit to roam free in this hauntingly captivating world of Blood Suckers II?

Betting starts off at a modest 0.25 coins and can escalate right up to 250 - a pretty hefty sum, but still only about half of what was allowed in the initial game. The central button gives a good old spin, but if you're feeling a bit lazy, you can just let the game run itself on AutoPlay, up to a whopping maximum of 1,000 games. Beautiful thing, isn't it? A bit of that good old Aussie convenience we all love!

Game rules

  • "Blood Suckers II features 25 active fixed pay lines on every spin."
  • The maximum gain that can be achieved is 1.298x the bet, which is higher than the first game.
  • Only the highest profit per payline is accounted for.
  • The combinations are tallied from left to right.
  • The Wild does not replace the Scatter or the Bonus symbol.
  • The Bonus symbol only triggers if a combination of at least three is achieved.
  • Scatter Symbols, just like the Wild, reward with 2 combinations, but at least three are required to earn free spins.

Symbols, Lines and Payouts

Blood Suckers is filled with 8 regular symbols along with 3 special ones, much like its predecessor, but with significantly more detailed graphics. Count Dracula continues to exude his grandeur, with winnings that swing between 2x and 20x the bet, when you land five symbols in the latter case.

This time around, though, your trio of vampire minions shell out the same, reaching up to 8 times the punters' wager with the maximum number per line (five). In addition to them, there are four card suit symbols, typical to modern pokies, that give a modest pay-out.

There are 25 paylines that handsomely reward you with frequent winnings due to the game's low volatility. What's really a rare and delightful treat for players, though, is scoring wins with several Wild or Scatter symbols, which pay out substantially more than our old mate Dracula. If you're lucky enough to land five Wild symbols on a line, you'll find yourself pocketing a whopping 400 times your bet! And the Scatter symbols? Well, they aren't shy either, coughing up 100 times your wager with five, without even needing to be in a line. Now isn't that a real Aussie battler's dream?


Rewards in Blood Suckers II Game

  • Bonus Symbol: The Bonus symbol does not offer a payout, but bestows a one-of-a-kind chance if the player secures three of it anywhere in the game. Within the bonus game, one can unlock chests and coffins in search of hidden treasures. If the player manages to achieve this bonus with four or five Bonus symbols, the winnings are doubled and tripled, respectively.
  • Scatter Symbol: In addition to providing superb payouts, the Scatter symbol also triggers the free spins bonus. Known as Blood Rose Free Spins, these extra rounds always total 10, and can be supplemented by another 10 in the same way the first ones were guaranteed. Moreover, all winnings are always multiplied by 3.

The Aesthetics and Sound of Blood Suckers II

If the first edition already had players absolutely smitten by perfectly submerging them into a vampire world, Blood Suckers II took it a step further! The graphics have been significantly boosted, and the fusion of music and sound effects allow for an immersive experience akin to console gaming. It's as if you've been transported to another realm, where every pulse-pounding moment feels incredibly real. Prepare to be utterly captivated!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Play Blood Suckers for Free?

Yes, just like other NetEnt games, through online casinos that allow free trials.

Which Blood Suckers is Superior?

The key disparities between Blood Suckers II and I are chiefly found in the RTP, which is notably higher in the first edition. Other distinguishing features include more substantial Scatter payouts and the ability for the bonus symbol to be triggered off the lines. The captivating allure of winning big is certainly more palpable in the original version, with its generous incentives and enticing gameplay sending your adrenaline soaring. The joy and thrill that come with the anticipation of a potential hefty Scatter payout, coupled with the unpredictable activation of bonus symbols outside the lines, make for an utterly riveting gaming experience. It's the embodiment of excitement and suspense in the world of online gaming, right here in Australia.

Is the Game's RTP Good?

Though it might be a touch smaller than its original edition, Blood Suckers II boasts an almost 97% Return to Player (RTP) rate, which is genuinely impressive, you know. It's as if the game is saying, 'Hey mate, I've got your back!'

How Many Free Spins Can You Earn?

You could be in for a thrilling surprise with up to 10 free spins each time you match the Scatter symbols. And the fun doesn't stop there! Within the bonus rounds, your chances of scoring even more spins are absolutely skyrocketing. So, get ready to feel the rush of excitement as the reels keep on spinning!

Who Can Play?

Any Australian over the age of 18 can place a wager on Blood Suckers II.

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