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Dazzle Me
Dazzle Me

About the game

Dazzle Me, a captivating online pokie from NetEnt, sparkles with 76 paylines, teamed with a return to player (RTP) of a delightful 96.91%. More than just these enticing features, it accommodates bets from all levels, making it an absolute gem for all types of players. With its blend of fun and opportunity, Dazzle Me ensures a riveting experience for every Aussie pokie enthusiast.

Despite its simplistic symbols, Dazzle Me gifts you with the potential to rake in winnings nearly 800 times your stake, all thanks to symbols arranged on reels that progressively build up to a whopping 5 rows. Lucky for you, its evenly distributed paylines can be your golden ticket to substantial gains.

How to Play Dazzle Me?

Taking a spin on Dazzle Me, whether you're playing for free at our recommended online casinos or wagering real cash, is a breeze. Despite its seemingly intricate layout, the controls are just as straightforward as any other slot game by NetEnt.

The bet level and coin value buttons let you play around with your stakes, giving you the freedom to wager anything from a humble 0.20 to a whopping 200 coins per spin. It's quite a range, isn't it? The remaining controls offer a touch more flexibility, letting you tweak the auto play function or go all in with the max bet feature.

Game rules

  • Dazzle Me features 76 fixed pay lines.
  • The highest potential win in the game is roughly 800 times the bet.
  • The combinations always occur from left to right.
  • The Wild stands in for other symbols in combinations, save for the Free Spins. It can randomly trigger a round with entire reels filled with Wilds.
  • Profits are only yielded for combinations exceeding 3 symbols on a payout line. The exception lies with the symbols 7 and the bell, paying 1x the bet with just two instances.

Symbols, Lines and Payouts

Only a handful of six common symbols exist in the online pokie, Dazzle Me, which is brilliant as it simplifies your winnings, particularly across 76 pay lines.

Only two are seen as towering icons, with the remaining four expressed through gems, reaching a peak gain of 20-30x the wager, depending on the coin's value.

Those are decent earnings, mate, particularly when you take into account the game's solid Return to Player (RTP) and low volatility, which essentially translates to regular wins. It's a bit like finding a lucky coin on the pavement every day. It's not the lottery, sure, but those little wins can really add up in the Australian gaming scene, keeping your spirits up and your pockets jingling.

In addition to the usual symbols, there are a couple that don't have their own winnings. One of these is the Wild, signified by a dazzling diamond, capable of standing in for any other symbol in combinations. The other one, known as Free Spins, holds the key to the bonus of complimentary spins. These intriguing elements add an extra layer of excitement, making the game thrillingly unpredictable!

Dazzle Me's Bonus and Free Spins Offerings

There are two primary bonuses within the Dazzle Me game down under. The first one comes out of the blue during the main gameplay, and it transforms anywhere from a single reel to a whopping five reels into reels bursting with Wild. In other words, it feels like hitting the jackpot with the odds of striking combinations being as high as a kangaroo's leap.

On the flip side, the renowned bonus of free spins is indeed an opportunity. The overall reward granted to the player, though, hinges on the quantity of Free Spins icons surfacing in the round:

  • Three symbols: 8 free spins
  • Four symbols: 12 free spins
  • Five symbols: 16 free spins

It's a generous amount of free spins, particularly in a low volatility game.

Dazzle Me's Design and Sound Aesthetics

Dazzle Me may not be brimming with flashy animations, but its graphics, while modest, go hand in hand with its 2015 release period. Its entire visual and sound atmosphere aims to instill a sense of joy and tranquillity in the players. Not only does this approach work, but it also aligns perfectly with the slot machine's theme.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Worth Playing Dazzle Me?

Indeed, Dazzle Me is a fantastic game for players at any stage, beautifully blending bonuses, low volatility, and a favourable Return to Player (RTP). It's a brilliant choice for Aussies looking for a bit of excitement in their gaming journey, offering a captivating combination of rewards and reliability. Just ensure the bonus details are up to date – after all, everyone loves a good perk! This game tends to be a true crowd-pleaser with its unique blend of thrill and stability.

How to Play Dazzle Me on Mobile?

Every online casino we endorse delivers excellent games that work like a dream on mobile devices. So, why not pick one and kick off your gaming journey? You'll be amazed by the top-notch mobile compatibility that these casinos offer, ensuring you never miss out on the fun, no matter where you find yourself in Australia. So go ahead, choose your favourite, and start playing today!

Is the RTP Good?

Yes, games with an RTP over 96% are deemed top-notch, but do give the game a spin first to ensure it's precisely what you're hunting for.

How to Earn Free Spins?

Score between 3 to 5 Free Spin symbols and voila, you'll be gifted with a bundle of complimentary spins. It's your lucky break on the Aussie betting scene mate! Just remember to keep your eyes on those cheeky symbols!

How Much Can You Bet per Round?

Betting can range from a mere 0.20 to up to 200 coins per spin.

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