Online Penalty Kick Game

Penalty shoot-out games have won the hearts of Aussie players, striking a delightful balance between our nation's love for football and the thrill of winning rewards from games. Nowadays, it's not just about one, but a plethora of penalty shoot-out games that we've rigorously tested and assessed, taking into account:

  • Gameplay and dynamics
  • Graphics and Sound Quality
  • Potential for adjustments in the bet
  • Compatibility and responsiveness

You're in for a treat! On our website, CasinosonlineinAustralia, we've compiled everything you need to know about playing the lucrative game of 'penalty'. We reveal where to find the finest online casinos that host this game and offer key insights that you need to know before placing your bet. All of this is, of course, underpinned by more than a decade of our hands-on experience and unrivalled expertise in the realm of real money online casino games. We're committed to keeping you in the loop with the most relevant and up-to-date information on bonuses. So, let's dive in, shall we? Your exciting journey into the world of 'penalty' starts here!

Top Casino Websites with Penalty Kick Games

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Bônus De Boas - vindas No Cassino De Até R$ 5000
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How Do We Choose The Best Websites With Penalty Kick Games?

When it comes to choosing trustworthy casinos to enjoy the game of penalty with real money, precision is key in order to discover fair penalty games and sidestep issues with withdrawals. That's why our team meticulously assesses betting houses offering the penalty game, guided by the following criteria:

  1. Licensing and security - foremost, the casino must possess an operation license and SSL encryption for the safety of data belonging to those who are going to place a bet on the penalty game.
  2. Game Quality - Not every cash-valued penalty game should be played, so we verify if those available come from a secure provider and whether the outcomes are fair.
  3. Payment Methods - Deposits and withdrawals need to be convenient, similar to the case of Casinos that make payments through from any bank, like Nubank , e PicPay , or who accept ticket e credit card .
  4. Reputation - besides assessing the casinos ourselves, we also examine the feedback from other players, check for any grievances, and ensure that the penalty kick game offering cash rewards functions without errors.
  5. Support - it's crucial for the casino to have a strong customer service channel, preferably in Portuguese and available around the clock, to address any queries.
  6. Bonus - because it's not a game of live casino The online penalty game typically accepts bonuses, so we verify if the available promotions are fair.

Knowing that we follow these criteria to select the casinos where the penalty game is trustworthy, all you have to do is pick one that we've tried and tested and have a blast!

Varieties of Penalty Kick Games

Now that you've got the inside scoop on the top websites boasting the profitable penalty kick game, and how to spot the ones that are just right for you, it's time to get cosy with the different variations of penalty kick games.

Each of these can have unique qualities, so it's crucial to familiarise yourself with them before you dive into the game, just as you would with pokies for real money. After all, you're betting your hard-earned Aussie dollars and you need to know if it's truly worth your while.

Penalty Shootout

The first real money penalty game that truly caught the public's imagination was the Penalty Shootout, pioneered by EvoPlay. You, as the player, get to choose an Aussie footy team and place a wager starting from just one Aussie dollar, picking one of five potential corners to take your penalty kick. There's an undeniable thrill in making that selection, a rush of anticipation as you align your aim. This isn't just a game; it's a pulsating, heart-in-mouth experience where your choice could lead to a victorious cheer or a gut-punching miss. So, why not give it a whirl? Remember, whether you're a seasoned footy fan or a gaming novice, it's all about having a bit of fun.

Penalty Shootout

With every correct move, your multiplier can surge, potentially skyrocketing up to a whopping 30.72 times your original bet. Be forewarned though, take a wrong turn and you risk losing all that you've amassed in the round.

Penalty Series

Penalty Series is strikingly akin to Penalty Shootout, yet with typically higher minimum bet values that could potentially kick off from AUD 5. This thrilling game, brought to you by EvoPlay, allows for a maximum wager that could skyrocket to AUD 2,000.

Penalty Series

With an even higher multiplier, the winnings can skyrocket to 61.44 times with six successful hits, a level beyond that found in the Shootout. But that's not all, the player has only three corners to manoeuvre and can even strategize to block system plays. The thrill of the game is heightened, the stakes raised, it's more than just a game - it's a test of strategy and skill. It’s a rush, an adrenaline surge that only comes from taking the game into your own hands. So, step up, aim right, and claim your winnings!

This incredible ability to defend rather than just attack opens up a world of new strategic possibilities when playing penalty kicks. Yet, for all its intrigue, it hasn't quite managed to surpass the popularity of its predecessor.

Penalty Shootout Street

In a bold revamp of the classic, EvoPlay has stepped up, launching the Street version of their leading penalty-themed money-making game. Imagine yourself in the gritty, adrenaline-pumping world of street football, with the potential to multiply your earnings up to a whopping 32 times when you hit a hot streak of five wins on the trot.

Penalty Shootout Street

Kicking off with bets as low as AUD 1, what truly sets this apart is the 15 unique spots available for the player to attempt to take the penalty kick!


Penalty Games: How Do They Work?

All varieties of the penalty kick game that offer cash rewards operate in pretty much the same way. The game's software operates on an RNG system, which stands for Random Number Generator. This system randomly determines how far a player will get each time they take a punt. It's like tossing a coin into the air — you never know which side it will land on; it's all part of the thrill and suspense that makes the game so captivating!

Thus, the selection of corner kicks is simply a strategy to inject a bit more excitement and dynamism into a gameplay that might otherwise feel a bit constrained.

How to Play Penalty Games?

To indulge in any of the thrilling penalty games, you've got to select from one of the trusted casinos we've already highlighted here, and sign in to your account. Now, the fundamental steps to kick-start your gaming adventure are as follows:

  • Put money into the account and start the game in the casino section.
  • Select one of the available teams, a purely aesthetic choice.
  • Set the bet value according to your strategy.
  • When you're ready, press the game button.
  • Choose one of the corners to kick or hit the random button.
  • If you're successful, choose between collecting your winnings or taking further risks.
  • Repeat the process as many times as you'd like.

Sure, you can also give the penalty game a whirl for free in the demo version. You'll be playing with a pretend balance and it gives you a great chance to get to grips with it or simply have a good time. Just remember, any winnings you score in this mode are just for fun, they're not actual winnings you can pocket.

Should you persist and falter, the earnings amassed in that round with the identical wager are lost, just like the staked amount.


  • All bets in the demo version do not yield actual winnings.
  • Once you hit the wager button, there's no going back.
  • The outcomes are random and there's no adjustment to the player's moves.
  • It's not feasible to place a wager below the game's permitted minimum.
  • The countries that can be selected are solely for decorative purposes.
  • All outcomes are produced randomly and fairly.
  • You can only earn up to the maximum multiplier displayed on screen.

Penalty Game Payments

To get a grip on just how much you can pocket from the penalty game, you simply need to keep an eye on the progress bar. Each version can have its own winnings, but generally speaking, the reward usually doesn't exceed 30 times the bet for five consecutive correct guesses.

So, if the game offers a ripper 2x for your first hit and you've bet $10, you could be walking away with a tidy $20 or you could choose to have another crack. If the second level offers a 4x multiplier and you hit the mark, you're looking at a cracking $40 win.

Penalty Game Resources Features

The controls of the penalty game are really a piece of cake to get the hang of. Essentially, you can make use of the following features:

  • Bet - Adjust the amount of bet per round either higher or lower.
  • Play/Bet - A button that enables you to commence the round.
  • In soccer, there are typically ball symbols representing the location of clicks and penalties.
  • Balance - Simply indicates how much remains in your bankroll.
  • Collect - A button to withdraw the profit before incurring a loss.

How to Bet on Penalty Games with Real Money?

If you're keen to have a flutter on the penalty shootout game using your hard-earned, genuine Aussie dollars, it's absolutely crucial that you pick a reliable casino. Then, you'll need to deposit your money using the most efficient method available to you. Always remember, your trust and security is paramount, so choose wisely!

After that, do ensure you crack open the game in its real money version, rather than the free penalty game version. That way, every bet you lay down is genuinely real, and the winnings you gather are also transformed into actual cash in your account.

How to Win at the Penalty Kick Game?

All penalty games are fair dinkum and crafted on a randomised software. So, no matter what your penalty game strategy might be, your winnings are purely down to your good old Aussie luck.

Since there's a degree of control, as players determine when they can bow out, the smartest move is to balance the amounts wagered with the levels you opt to leave at. This way, if Lady Luck is smiling your way, you could potentially walk away with a hefty win. Remember, it's all about strategy and timing in this thrilling world of gaming. Australia's vibrant betting scene offers a myriad of opportunities for you to try your luck and possibly score some impressive winnings. So, go on, give it a whirl!

Penalty Games: Advantages, Tips, and Strategies

Now that you're getting the hang of the penalty game, let's dive into the crucial details you need to know before you step onto the field, like strategies and tips!

Benefits of Playing the Penalty Game

Choosing to delve into the game of penalties is indeed a personal choice, but when we stack it up against other casino games, some perks become strikingly clear. The most significant ones being:

  • It can be tried out for free and without any restrictions.
  • A football theme highly favored among Australians.
  • Affordable minimum bet values.
  • Capability to create patterns and strategies.
  • Considerable gains.

So, if the blend of these benefits tickles your fancy, it's genuinely worth giving penalty games a crack.

Tips and Strategies

Given that the penalty kick game is both a casino amusement and a game of chance, the strategies come down to just suitable bankroll management. We could summarise the advice in the following way:

Don't recklessly race to recover losses by impulsively upping your stake, as this could drain your fund quicker than a kookaburra can swoop.

Opt to exit while you're ahead rather than risking too much on each play.

Place wagers that only account for a fraction of the total balance available.

Losses can always occur, so be ready.

Play the free penalty game to get acquainted with it first.

Make sure to check whether the casino you've chosen offers a bonus that's a perfect match for this game.

The Technology of the Penalty Kick Game

The game of penalty is truly a game of chance, its very core is designed with software that churns out random outcomes every single time the play button is pushed. It's much like engaging in a round of pokies, really.

While one might be swept up in the illusion of control and anticipation due to the myriad of kicking options available, the reality is, our choices do not have a substantial impact. All a player truly needs to do is to set their stake and dive into the game.

Crafted in HTML5, the penalty shootout game is versatile and works seamlessly on any device, including mobiles and tablets. All you require is an account with the casino and an internet connection to dive into the action.

Software Provider

Every penalty game we've found that truly packs a punch and offers top-notch quality hails from EvoPlay. The provider is renowned for shaking things up with their disruptive games and not just limiting themselves to pokies.

With a stellar reputation in the market and a plethora of games beyond just penalties in its portfolio, this provider is undeniably a top pick in any trustworthy casino.

Common questions

Does the penalty game really pay off?

This refers to a game that is safe and guarantees fair outcomes. All you need to do is to pick a reliable casino to ensure a hassle-free withdrawal process. In the Australian context, it's essential to understand that this game, sure as a sure bet, is beautifully transparent, offering all players a fair go. Just remember to go for a trustworthy casino mate, that way you'll have no hurdles withdrawing your winnings.

Is the penalty game trustworthy?

Indeed, the penalty game is utterly trustworthy, mate! It's crafted using RNG software and brought to life by a highly respected and reliable provider. You can surely bank on it, as it's as fair dinkum as a game can get!

Can one genuinely earn money from the penalty kick game?

Indeed, the aim of casino games like that of penalty is to turn a profit, but it entirely hinges on the luck of the player. But let's not forget, this is the beauty of games like these, they give everyone a fair chance to win, regardless of their experience or skill level. Just like in a thrilling footy match, the outcome can often swing on something as unpredictable as the roll of a dice or flip of a card. It's this element of chance that pulls us in, keeps us on the edge of our seats, and sparks that irresistible hope of hitting the jackpot. But remember, the key is to play responsibly and keep the fun alive. Bottom line, in the grand game of chance that is a casino, it's the luck of the Aussie punter that calls the shots.

How to place bets on penalty games?

Get set up with an account at a casino, pop in some dough, and fine-tune your wager to get in on the heart-thumping rounds of penalty kicks. In the thrilling world of Australian online gaming, it's all about the rush of adrenaline and the sweet thrill of victory. But hey, don't forget to double-check the bonus information - because who doesn't love a good Aussie bonus, right?

Which penalty game can earn you money?

Every penalty game found in online casinos, once opened in the real version, allows for the opportunity to win cash through wagers. In the Australian context, this would translate to: Every single penalty game on offer in online casinos, when played in actual gameplay mode, opens up the exhilarating chance for Aussie punters to bag some serious cash off their bets.

Can I play the penalty game on my mobile phone?

Absolutely, every single one we've put to the test and showcased here is crafted with HTML5 and wonderfully responsive.

Where can this game be located?

You can find it in the casinos we have tried and cataloged at the start of this guide!

Can I play the penalty game for free?

Yes, it is available for free in the demo version.

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