Spaceman Online Game

About the game

Spaceman is a brand-new crash game that has recently exploded onto the scene. Revealed in 2022 by Pragmatic Play, it has swiftly soared to become one of the most popular betting games in Australia. Its graphics are clearly a cut above its competitors, and it's packed full of unique features that make it stand out from the crowd.

The fact that Spaceman Online is crafted by Pragmatic Play already fills us with a fantastic level of trust for the game. We are aware that they produce fair games, games that genuinely have the potential to deliver the wins they promise, even though a RTP of 95% could be slightly better.

With the stage brilliantly set by games such as JetX and Aviator, it merely took the launch of the Spaceman game for it to skyrocket to success in the heart of Australia.

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How to play Spaceman online?

First and foremost, lad, you've got to decide on a platform where you fancy a bit of Spaceman, ya know? Then, if the casino offers it, you can have a crack at the free Spaceman, test the waters a little, see if it's your cup of tea. Or if you're feeling a bit adventurous, you can dive right into the real betting version.

Once you dive into the game, you'll quickly find it's refreshingly straightforward. Don't be perturbed if it's in English, the amounts are in Australian dollars, bringing a comforting hint of home. Your very first step is to set your wager using the handy arrows, establishing stakes that can range from a humble AUD 1, up to an exhilarating AUD 500, which represents the maximum bet.

When you place a bet, your staked amount will be boosted with profits as the multiplier rises. There's a moment when the astronaut stops, and you must gather your earnings before he does. If you miss that crucial moment, unfortunately, your wager will be lost. The thrill of the game is in the anticipation, the heartbeat quickening as the multiplier increases. It's akin to a wild ride in the Australian outback, unpredictable but undeniably exciting. Remember, mate, always be ready to seize your profit before the astronaut calls it a day!

How to play Spaceman online

Unlike other crash games, Spaceman online uniquely allows just a single bet per round. However, it has a beautiful twist up its sleeve: the ability to retreat with half of your bet riding on the multiple's profit, while holding onto the remaining 50% until you decide the optimal time to withdraw. This creates a thrilling gamble between you and the game, a dance of decision-making that can potentially lead to large wins. Remember, this isn't just a game - it's an experience packed with suspense, excitement, and a dash of strategy. So, grab your seat at the table and let the thrilling rounds of Spaceman online sweep you off your feet.

How to play Spaceman online

Another equally handy feature, should you wish to get a feel for how the Spaceman online game results have been shaping up, is the tab that pops up when we hit the statistics button. It allows you to gaze up to 400 results into the past:

How to play Spaceman online

Finally, the other buttons are merely adjustments to your bet, such as doubling it or pulling out your wager before the round commences. If you want, the button that displays an arrow forming a circle allows you to set automatic bets. However, you've got to be on your toes to collect, mate, because the game won't do it for you!

Game rules

  • You can only revoke your bet prior to the round's commencement.
  • It's necessary to place a bet before the round begins.
  • If you fail to collect your winnings in time, they and your bet will be lost.
  • Keep in mind that there might be a lag of a second or more between the press of the collection and the game's acknowledgment.
  • Bets range from R$ 1 to R$ 500.
  • The maximum possible profit is R$ 2,500,000.
  • Only with real bets can one play the version of the Spaceman game that earns money.

Bet types

Every wager placed in the Spaceman Online game follows the same procedure. You simply determine the bet amount and finalise it, ensuring its validity once the round kicks off. Conversely, you can only wrap up 50% of your bets with a profit, lending an intriguing twist to strategies in this fast-paced crash game.

Game Composition - Design & Audio

Without a shadow of a doubt, the game Spaceman Online outshines all other games of its kind when it comes to design. Gorgeous colours and lines make it the most aesthetically pleasing of all crash games up until its release, complete with sound effects that harmoniously sync with the game. The rounds could do with a bit more zip and zing to make it more dynamic, much like what Spribe did with Aviator not long after the game hit the shelves.

Mobile Access to Spaceman Online

One of the perks of playing at online casinos is the knowledge that these days, they're perfectly compatible with mobile devices. That means your mobile can be used to play Spaceman Online on any of the websites we've tried and endorsed right here. It's like having a universe of gaming excitement right in your pocket, ready to explore whenever you fancy a flutter. So, feel the rush, Australia!

Some of them will have Android applications available through APK downloads, but all can be accessed via your browser, where you're at the helm of the Spaceman game, navigating seamlessly with just a tap on the screen. Your gaming experience won't be tarnished, not in the slightest. In fact, I'd go out on a limb to say it actually makes the whole experience even more riveting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play the Spaceman game at any casino?

As the game's developer is Pragmatic Play, you'll stumble upon Spaceman Online at the vast majority of casino sites across Australia, although you won't find it everywhere. It's a bit like looking for a kangaroo in the outback - they're ubiquitous, but not in every nook and cranny. So, fire up your search engines and start your stellar adventure with Spaceman Online today!

Is it lawful to bet on the Spaceman online game?

Absolutely, as long as you stick to online casinos that are secure and trustworthy, whilst also being registered and based overseas, you can have a flutter.

Can I use the site's bonus in the Spaceman online game?

Whether you're entitled to a bonus or not wholly depends on the terms of that particular website. Generally speaking, the thrill-a-minute world of crash games often find themselves left out in the cold when it comes to casino bonuses on these platforms. Please, make sure to stay savvy and keep up-to-date with the latest bonus offerings to maximise your gaming experience.

Is Spaceman compatible with my mobile phone?

Yes, you can effortlessly play Spaceman on your mobile device, whether it's Android or iOS.

What occurs if I withdraw 50% from my Spaceman bet?

The other 50% keeps on spinning with the multiplier, allowing the player to save a portion of the bet and continue taking a punt with the other half.

Can I place more than one bet at a time on Spaceman Online?

No. This game only allows one bet at a time.

What is the RTP of Spaceman?

In the words of Pragmatic Play, the creative brains behind Spaceman, this game tantalisingly boasts a Return to Player (RTP) rate of a solid 95%.

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