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BC.Game Casino
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Amidst the burgeoning world of crypto casinos, we've decided to delve into an analysis of BC.Game Casino, one of the standout choices of late. It's been around on the market for a while now, paving the way for a comprehensive evaluation and providing us an ample amount of material to accurately gauge its reliability. Steeped in the vibrant world of online gaming, BC.Game Casino has truly carved a niche for itself, providing a safe and reliable platform for gamers down under. The question that remains, is BC.Game Casino a trustworthy option for Australian gamers?

As we do with other online casinos in Australia, we've sifted out a few critical points to help us gauge the quality and safety of BC.Game Casino. This rundown encapsulates all the main aspects of our assessment that decide whether BC.Game Casino is a legitimate and secure choice for you:

  • Licensing and security
  • Account registration
  • Bonuses and promotions
  • User experience
  • Game catalog
  • Average returns from top games
  • Payment methods
  • Customer service
  • Our conclusion

Absolutely, everything you could ever want to know about BC.Game Casino is covered somewhere in this list. Indeed, we initiated this review specifically by checking if you can trust this crypto casino. In Australia, where gambling is more than just a pastime, we understand the importance of trust in this industry. We delved into this analysis with the intention of confirming whether this digital currency casino has what it takes to earn your faith. This isn't just a dry overview, it's a comprehensive examination enhanced by the latest bonus information to keep you up-to-date. It's all about helping you make informed decisions, mate!

Is BC.Game Casino trustworthy?

Establishing the trustworthiness of a casino is straightforward, especially with the wisdom we've gained over the years. The initial step is to verify the website's licensing. We can confidently affirm that BC.Game Casino is wholly legitimate, as it holds a valid sublicense in Curaçao, adapted for Australian law.

As we delve into the standing and track record of BC.Game Casino in Australia and globally, it's heartening to see it's not the target of any negative feedback or complaints. Having been operational since 2017, this is a positive signal that we ought to keep our eyes on.

You can also request assistance in English via chat and receive suitable responses in a timely manner, which instills confidence. The website also has active SSL encryption and we can see that most of the options in BC.Game Casino's game catalogue come from providers well-known in the market. Meaning, they are games with fair and audited outcomes.

Finally, deposit options encompass a variety of cryptocurrencies, our dear EFTs or even NFTs. To put it another way, these are tried and tested methods to send and receive money securely.

Having journeyed through the maze of analysis, it's crystal clear that BC.Game Casino indeed emerges as a beacon of trustworthiness. This commendable feat has been achieved by diligently ticking off the bare minimum trustworthiness requirements.

How to set up an account?

Establishing an account to place bets at BC.Game Casino is a swift and straightforward procedure, which culminates in the exciting opportunity to spin the wheel of fortune for a chance to boost your balance with cryptocurrency or additional resources. Setting up this account down under in Australia, it's a breeze and also a thrill, as you're presented with an exciting chance to give that lucky wheel a whirl! It might just be your lucky day, and you could end up with a bit more crypto in your digital wallet or even some extra gaming perks.

How to create an account on bcgame

How to create an account on bcgame

How to create an account on bcgame

Welcome Bonus at BC.Game Casino

The incentives provided by BC.Game Casino are genuinely among the most astonishing available within the realm of online casinos for Aussie punters. This remarkable reward is split across your initial four deposits, offering three unique tiers of bonuses, each corresponding to your deposited amount. However, it also comes with a bit of a challenging caveat.

Essentially, the amount you receive from any deposit bonus is securely stashed away in the site's own cryptocurrency, the BCD. So, rather than getting your BC.Game casino bonus straight away, you've got to gradually unlock it by placing real money bets. Now, this looks a bit different 'down under'. In Australia, you might liken it to finding a gold nugget out bush - it's there, you just have to chip away at it, bit by bit, using your honest, hard-earned Aussie dollars. It's not an instant windfall, but more of a thrilling treasure hunt. And rest assured, the thrill of the chase makes the eventual pay-off all the more rewarding.

The challenge at hand is that for every 100 dollars wagered, only 1 BCD is released. So, even though the bonus percentages might seem tempting, the requirement is significantly more than what any other casino demands.

Strap yourself in, folks! You're about to be showered with bonzer bonuses that'll get your heart racing! On your initial deposit, you're looking at an impressive bonus ranging from 120% to a whopping 270%. But don't fret, it only gets better. The second time around, we're talking a bonus from 150% to an even more astounding 300%. Now, hold onto your hats, because the third deposit rockets you into a dinkum bonus of 150% to a sky-high 330%. Just when you thought it couldn't get any more exciting, the fourth deposit sends you spinning with a bonus of 150% to an astonishing 360% of the amount you've deposited. However, keep your wits about you. As thrilling as these bonuses are, the terms are a tad demanding, which may put a dampener on the otherwise fantastic bonus bonanza. So tread carefully, mates, it's important to balance the thrill of the bonus with the practicality of the terms.

Other promotions

There's a veritable treasure trove of bonus offers and promotions up for grabs at BC.Game Casino. These typically centre around the casino's own digital currency, the BCD. Picture this: you're navigating through missions, making deposits, and climbing the ranks in the loyalty programs, and in doing so, you're rewarded with the casino's own cryptocurrency. It's thrilling and rewarding, all in one package.

BC.Game Casino
1º depósito com bônus de até 180%

User experience

While it echoes the vibes of other casinos, navigating through BC.Game Casino is a distinctive experience, just like embracing the Aussie spirit. The website boasts clearly visible links, making it straightforward to find your way around. The games at BC.Game Casino are neatly categorised, simplifying the selection process for players, and adding that touch of Aussie practicality we all love. Each game title doesn't just stop at the name; it offers you a little bit more. You'll find additional details like the Return to Player (RTP), the latest winnings among BC.Game Casino players, and even the unique features of the game. They also share the game's theme - for instance, the Halloween slot will give you goosebumps just like walking through a haunted house in the Outback under a moonlit sky. Remember, folks, it's not just about the game; it's also about the exhilarating thrill, the pulse-racing excitement, and the camaraderie among mates. So, why wait? Dive into the unique world of BC.Game Casino and ride the wave of fun today!

When you're exploring BC.Game Casino, you've got the freedom to take any game for a no-cost test drive, helping you find the perfect match for your playing expectations. The speed at which the gaming screen loads is impressive, and it provides you with a sneak peek into the popularity of the game among other players. You can even dive into player reviews, check out recent wins, and discover related games. It's all about immersing yourself in a gaming experience that resonates with your tastes, providing you with thrills and excitement.

From any page, we can swiftly navigate to the deposit section, transferring funds to trigger the bonus from BC.Game Casino or to kick-start playing with genuine cash.

Whether you're on your computer or mobile, playing at BC.Game Casino is an absolute joy, leaving nothing to be desired. It's an experience that's sure to put a smile on your face.

BC.Game Casino's Game Catalogue

BC.Game Casino, the darling of Australia's gaming scene, offers an impressive gaming catalogue, largely zeroed in on those compelling slot games. But you'll also uncover a treasure trove of live dealer table games, nestled delicately within their Live Casino section. You're spoilt for choice with a staggering assortment of over 7,300 different games at your disposal, some of which offer a unique twist to the increasingly popular crash game style much loved Down Under.

Catálogo de jogos do BC.Game Casino

Browsing through the games is as simple as pie, with the added advantage of being able to filter by providers. We're talking about more than 60 suppliers in total, each of them of top-tier quality and well-known among those who savour the thrill of real money casinos down under.

Without a shadow of a doubt, being privy to information about the games before diving into them is incredibly crucial. Moreover, BC.Game Casino has a unique feature, a special filter that sorts games based on your past interactions, helping you discover the games that you're likely to fall head over heels for. It's like your own personal gaming matchmaker in the vibrant world of online casino.

To truly hit the mark, the website could do with adding a category dedicated solely to individual table games. Roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and poker games are a cinch to find in their live versions, paired up with game shows and not in their solo forms. To locate these, you'll need to delve a bit deeper. It's akin to a hidden treasure hunt, adding an extra layer of intrigue to your gaming adventure.

At the end of the day, there's a whole heap more to rave about than to whinge over when it comes to this casino's game catalogue.

RTP of the most popular games at BC.Game Casino

Game RTP
Barbarian Fury 96,06%
The Missing Kingdom of Avalon 95,00%
Aztec Magic Deluxe 96,96%
Bob’s Coffee Shop 96,50%
7 Days Anotherland 92,29%
88 Dragons Treasure 90,00%
Arabian Spins 96,55%
Ace Round 96,01%
African Sunset 2 95,05%
Book of Alchemy 96,15%

Payment Methods of BC.Game Casino

At BC.Game Casino, one of the digital casinos that embraces PayID, every transaction is executed through safe, familiar, and swift methods. The three primary options are cryptocurrencies, cash or NFTs. If you fancy using cash, they graciously accept deposits starting from $3, or $9 if you'd rather utilise Beem It instead of PayID. Their dedication to providing a seamless and enjoyable experience is truly commendable. Remember, it's not just about playing the game; it's about playing it your way, with peace of mind.

The world of crypto offers a smorgasbord of over 90 currencies, along with a sprinkle of NFTs. You've got the freedom to display your balance in any currency that tickles your fancy, not just in Aussie dollars. This means that the cryptos keep their original form, not morphing into local currency and thus, continue to dance to the tunes of their inherent market fluctuations.

The cost, including various options, are as follows:

Form of payment Minimum Deposit Maximum Deposit Minimum Serve Maximum Serve
Pix 1 R$ 10 R$ 99.999 R$ 20 R$ 50.000
Pix 2 R$ 20 R$ 50.000 R$ 30 R$ 100.000
Pix 3 R$ 30 R$ 50.000 R$ 50 R$ 50.000
PicPay R$ 30 R$ 5.000 N/A N/A
Bitcoin 0.05 BTC N/A 0.000714 BTC N/A
TRON 1447 TRX N/A 236 TRX N/A
BNB 0.325 BNB N/A 0.051 WBNB N/A
USDT 80 USDT N/A 102.16 USDT N/A
IOTX 3714 IOTX N/A 10.5 IOTX N/A
LTC 1.072 LTC N/A 0.133 LTC N/A

We can uncover a vast array of cryptocurrencies, but their sheer number becomes overwhelming when attempting a listing in this casino analysis. From what we've gathered, it's clear that some cryptocurrencies are more readily available than others, depending on the player's choice. Yet, the Aussie equivalent of (PayID), continuously emerges as a feasible option.

BC.Game Casino may not be among those casinos that embrace credit card or bank transfers, but this is hardly a drawback. Withdrawals are routinely approved in a flash, yet, if circumstances dictate, the casino might hold the request for a few hours for checks. As such, these are perfectly satisfactory conditions and we can see that BC.Game Casino is a safe harbour for transactions.

BC.Game Casino's Security Measures

BC.Game Casino is as safe as houses, mate! Our experience there was as good as gold and we didn't come across any shonky loopholes that could put a spanner in the works for punters. This is true blue, whether we're yakking about payouts or the security of your personal info, which is as safe as a bank, thanks to the site's SSL encryption certificate.

The same can be said about the games, of which we're familiar with their origin, and what's more, they come with a fair RNG certification from iTech Labs. Hence, we've deduced that the site, which has a solid reputation up until now, can indeed be regarded as a safe option.

Support and service

The only support channel available to the players at BC.Game Casino is the live chat feature. Even though this service is offered round the clock and in Portuguese, it would be tremendously beneficial if there was an additional channel, such as a contact email, to reach out for assistance.

In any case, from our experience, the casino performed admirably, offering a splendid level of support.


We've seen firsthand how BC.Game Casino has steadily built a solid reputation over the years, carving out a niche for itself as a safe and reliable gambling option Down Under. With swift and simple methods for deposits and withdrawals, fair terms and a compelling catalogue of games to engage in, they've really raised the bar. If you ever find yourself in a pickle, their chat support is ever-ready, providing the help you need when you need it.

The bonus terms may not seem all too appealing, even though these bonuses are quite generous by percentage. This is due to the way these bonuses are credited and the high requirements attached to them. However, weighing up the pros and cons, this online casino does show itself to be a fantastic choice for various playing styles. Ultimately, the ball is in your court when it comes to making your decision.

  • Almost 100 cryptocurrencies
  • Quick serves
  • Chat in Portuguese
  • No email
  • Variedade de jogos
Total score

Frequently Asked Questions

How to activate the bonus at BC.Game Casino?

The bonus can be triggered with a deposit starting slightly over AUD 20, and it grows larger as the deposit amount increases. All you need to do is choose it when you're about to make a deposit. Remember, every dollar can make a difference! The more you deposit, the bigger the bonus, adding a delightful touch to your gaming experience. So, don't hold back, embrace this opportunity and let the joy of a boosted balance wash over you!

Why didn't the BC.Game Casino bonus show up in the account?

Unlike other casinos, at BC.Game, you've got to place your bet first, and then, bit by bit, the bonus starts rolling in.

Can I obtain free spins at the BC.Game casino?

Only if there is a specific promotion that grants this kind of offer.

How to get in touch with BC.Game Casino?

At the footer, search for Help Contacts to be able to communicate with an operator via chat.

Who can play with cryptocurrencies at BC.Game Casino?

Any Aussie who is at least 18 years old can have a crack at it, all you need is a crypto wallet to make the deposit. The world of gaming is at your fingertips, so go ahead and seize the opportunity!

Can I earn cryptocurrencies at BC.Game Casino?

As you play and luck swings your way, your earnings will be in the same currency you've staked. So indeed, if you've played your cards right and used a cryptocurrency for your wager, your winnings could be in the thrilling world of digital cash!

How to withdraw at BC.Game Casino?

You can request withdrawals right at the same window where we're able to make deposits, just by opting for the final option instead of the initial one.

With a keen passion for online casinos, Lucas naturally evolved into a casino games and website analyst. Already an accomplished writer and translator, he realised he could dive into the world of slot machines and games like roulette all from the comfort of his home and on trustworthy platforms. He's your go-to guy for any casino-related queries or analyses. [email protected]