Comprehensive Review of Vertbet Casino in Australia

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Lucas Simas
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Vertbet Casino is enthusiastically embracing Australian players, so we've decided to take it for a spin to see if it's a safe and trustworthy option for us. With a steadfast goal of ensuring that winning and cashing out are smooth operations, we have put it through its paces based on our top-quality benchmarks.

  • Account creation process.
  • Bonuses and promotions.
  • Gaming experience.
  • Games catalogue.
  • Expected return.
  • Payment methods.
  • Platform security.
  • Customer service.

Each of these factors has been scrutinised through our own experiences, as well as incorporating the invaluable feedback from real-life users. So, let's kick things off by discussing how we determine the trustworthiness of Vertbet Casino.

Is Vertbet Casino Trustworthy?

To truly gauge and affirm the trustworthiness and safety of the Vertbet Casino, we've been meticulous in assessing each aspect. It all begins with the sign-up process. We've observed the pages carry SSL encryption for the safeguarding of our personal details. In the same vein, we've investigated and confirmed that Vertbet Casino is legal and operates under a valid gaming license from the Australian regulatory body.

We've made it our mission to unearth details about the terms and conditions of Vertbet Casino's bonuses, but it appears they're not quite ready to roll out any promotions just yet. So, we've put that aspect on the backburner for the time being. We have, however, confirmed that the games on offer at the casino are of top-notch quality and completely secure. This is evident from the fact that the listed providers are trusted names in the industry, subject to comprehensive audits.

We can confidently affirm that the payment methods available are secure and familiar to Australians, such as and Boleto, even though it may not be one of the casinos that accept credit cards.

On the flip side, while it doesn't necessarily cast a shadow on the casino's trustworthiness, we reckon the customer service could be amped up a notch. It's clear as day that the casino is making strides to fit in with our Aussie crowd, but there's still room to make their support more approachable and user-friendly. All things considered, we're confident to declare that Vertbet Casino is a safe and reliable choice for indulging in a bit of gaming fun down under in Australia.

How to Register at the Vertbet Casino?

Signing up for a gaming account at the Vertbet casino is a straightforward, speedy process, mate. If you fancy, you can even skip the email and use your social media to register, making it as easy as pie!

How to Register at Vertbet Casino

How to Register at Vertbet Casino

How to Register at Vertbet Casino

Welcome Bonus and Other Promotions

At this time, there's no bonus on offer from Vertbet Casino for deposits or newbie players. From what we've gathered, they're still engaging in hearty discussions with partners to establish such incentives.

In this regard, Vertbet Casino seems to be trailing behind other betting houses in Australia, which typically have a wonderful array of bonuses on offer. However, on the bright side, there's at least a refer-a-friend bonus available for those who'd love to invite their mates to join the platform.

Referral Bonus

Every punter can score a real cash commission bonus just by inviting their mates to place wagers at the Vertbet casino. All it takes is a mate to make a minimum of three deposits and complete the identity verification. And the best part? You can actually withdraw this bonus, mate! It's not just some virtual candy; it's real Aussie cash!

For every mate who meets the prerequisite, the player receives a cool $100 in their account to spend as they wish. This kind of bonus is a rare find in online casinos down under in Australia, but keep in mind, it demands quite a bit from the invited pals.

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User Experience

To provide a thorough review of Vertbet Casino, it's only fitting that I created my own account to delve into the experience from a player's perspective. The aesthetics of Vertbet Casino are pleasing to the eye, making it a breeze to navigate through the myriad of categories that effortlessly guide you to the game genre you're seeking.

Before you dive headlong into any of Vertbet Casino's games, there's a nifty little option to soak up all the juicy details about it first. As a player, you're given the freedom to choose your preferred currency type - even if that means using cryptocurrencies, mate! And remember, this holds true even though Vertbet is part of the casinos that offer.

On the flip side, it's a bit of a bummer when it comes to the gaming experience at Vertbet casino, as the lack of free play is truly noticeable. In other words, I couldn't dip my toes into any of the games without making a deposit first, which was a bit of a letdown.

There's a multitude of providers out there, ready and waiting to help you filter through the games you're burning to watch. You can even narrow down your choices based on the RTP (Estimated Return to Player), which is a truly fascinating feature.

Once your deposit touches down in Vertbet casino, you'll find that the betting games load up at lightning speed. And it's a breeze to navigate around the site from any page, giving you easy access to all other areas. So, there are pros and cons, but they balance out quite nicely and certainly don't tarnish the user experience on any level. It's still smooth sailing all the way!

Inventory of Games at Vertbet Casino

At the time of this review, the Vertbet casino was buzzing with over 6,600 thrilling games. Among these, around 5,500 were top-notch pokies, hailing from leading providers like Pragmatic Play, Play’n Go, BetSoft, SmartSoft Gaming, and many more. There was never a dull moment with such a diverse mix of games, each offering its unique spin on fun and excitement.

As detailed in the section about user experience at Vertbet Casino, there's a fantastic organisation of the games. Because of this, we can easily navigate to table games individually, like a distinct category for baccarat, roulette, blackjack, video poker and even dice games. Each type clearly displays the number of available games, plus there are specific sections for popular categories like Megaways and Mines. This feature creates an enticing and seamless gaming experience, really putting the power of choice into the player's hands. The vast variety ensures there's something for everyone, from the casual player to the seasoned gambler, making the casino a real favourite among Australian gaming enthusiasts.

There's a particular spotlight on categories like bingo, live casino, and the hottest crash games of the moment, such as Balloon and JetX at Vertbet Casino. So, rest assured, the array of offerings at Vertbet Casino is not just secure, but also top-notch in quality.

Vertbet Casino Games Catalog

Vertbet Casino Games Catalog

Payout Rates of Most Popular Games

In our quest to ensure you, the player, have the best gaming experience, we've delved deep into the heart of what makes Vertbet Casino so enticing. It's common knowledge that RTP (Return to Player) metrics play a significant role in guiding players towards their game of choice. We've therefore probed into the expected returns of the most celebrated games at Vertbet Casino, right here in Australia.

Game RTP
JetX 97,00%
Spaceman 95,50%
Gates of Olympus 96,50%
Sweet Bonanza 96,49%
Immortal Ways Diamonds 96,29%
Mayan Cache 96,47%
Mines 98,00%
Canine Abode Megaways Overview 96,55%
Release the Kraken 2 96,03%
Big Bass Splash 96,71%

Payment Methods at Vertbet Casino

Vertbet Casino boasts an array of convenient payment methods, landing it amongst those casinos that accept bank slip payments. Its Minimum Deposit is incredibly affordable when using cryptocurrency options, although it's slightly higher than its counterparts offering real money play with other payment alternatives.


Method Minimum Deposit Maximum Deposit Minimum Serve Maximum Serve Withdrawal Time
Pix R$ 30 R$ 29.990 R$ 100 R$ 29.990 Immediate
Ticket R$ 30 R$ 1.000.000 - - -
Lottery R$ 30 R$ 1.000.000 - - -
Bitcoin 0.000001 BTC 30 BTC 0.0008 BTC 30 BTC Immediate
Ethereum 0.00001 ETH 550 ETH 0.01 ETH 550 ETH Immediate
USDC 1 USDC 1,000,000 USDC 20 USDC 1,000,000 USDC Immediate
USDT 1 USDT 1,000,000 USDT 20 USDT 1,000,000 USDT Immediate
Binance Coin 0.001 BNB 4.500 BNB 0.1 BNB 4.500 BNB Immediate
Binance USD 1 BUSD 1.000.000 BUSD 20 BUSD 1.000.000 BUSD Immediate
Ripple 1  XRP 1.500.000 XRP 30 XRP 1.500.000 XRP Immediate
Dogecoin 1 DOGE 15.000.000 DOGE 300 DOGE 15.000.000 DOGE Immediate
Shiba Inu 100,000 IN 100,000,000,000 IN 2,500,000 INSIDE 100,000,000,000 IN Immediate
Chain link 0.1 LINK 150.000 LINK 3 LINK 150.000 LINK Immediate
TRON 1 TRX 14.000.000 TRX 1.400 TRX 14.000.000 TRX Immediate
Monero 0.0001 XMR 6,000 XMR 0.1 XMR 6,000 XMR Immediate
TrueUSD 1 TUSD 1,000,000 TUSD 20 TUSD 1,000,000 TUSD Immediate
Ethereum Classic 0.01 ETC 60.000 ETC 1 ETC 60.000 ETC Immediate
Cardano 1 ADA 3.500.000 ADA 350 ADA 3.500.000 ADA Immediate

So, when it comes to affordability, cryptocurrencies outshine PayID in the minimum amount available at Vertbet casino. Indeed, the $100 threshold to withdraw via PayID seems quite steep compared to other online casinos we've previously assessed. Of course, there's a wide range, depending on the cryptocurrency of choice.

It's vital to note that when opting for cryptocurrency withdrawals, the payment timeframe can fluctuate based on demand. It's also crucial to remember that the fees associated with this payment method are inherent to its system and are not imposed by the Vertbet Casino.

Vertbet Casino Security Overview

When it comes to the safety of the Vertbet casino, our first point of assessment is its encryption. Every single page is guarded by an SSL certificate to ensure the protection of our personal data. Moreover, we've had it confirmed that the games operate on random result generators and are, therefore, fair. This is because they're developed by some of the most reputable names in the industry.

As the transactions are carried out with crystal clear honesty using familiar methods, we have absolutely no qualms in this regard. Given that withdrawals are processed smoothly, casting aside any issues related to minimum withdrawal limits and conditions, we can heartily affirm that Vertbet Casino is a secure haven for our Aussie mates.

Vertbet Casino Support Assistance

One of the disappointing aspects uncovered during this review is the lack of a live chat feature with a real person on the website. When you open the chat, your only interaction is with a pre-programmed bot, filled with ready-made questions and answers. If your query isn't covered, you're left with no choice but to send a message via email, which can feel a bit impersonal.

So, what we're really hoping for is that the website steps up its game, providing round-the-clock customer support in English, and that too with a real, breathing person, not just a robot.


The insights we've painstakingly gathered through our research and real-life gaming experiences at Vertbet Casino have allowed us to collate everything positive and negative it has to offer. Payment methods are easily accessible, even though only cryptocurrencies have a low minimum value, and the games are safe and of high quality. Our browsing experience was rather excellent, though we're keeping our fingers crossed that the casino improves its customer service, which currently is fully automated. All in all, we can affirm with confidence that Vertbet Casino is a trustworthy and secure option for Aussies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play for free at the Vertbet casino?

No, this casino does not offer the option for free or demo play.

What's the Minimum Deposit at Vertbet Casino?

With options tailored to the Aussie way of life, your investment journey can begin with as little as 30 AUD. However, if you're keen on cryptocurrencies, you can plunge into this exciting world with just slightly more than 1 AUD.

Can I play at Vertbet Casino on my mobile?

Absolutely, the website is brilliantly responsive and it's as easy as pie to play directly through your mobile's browser, giving you the freedom to game on the go. Even better, if you're an Android user, you can download the APK for a more streamlined experience.

What is the top game at Vertbet Casino?

According to popular sentiment, the thrilling crash games JetX and Spaceman have a special place in the hearts of Aussie gamers. Seemingly, these two have taken the gaming world by storm and are hailed as the best games in their opinions.

Who is eligible to play at the Vertbet casino?

Any Australian who is at least 18 years old can play at this casino.

How to activate the Vertbet casino bonus?

Currently, this casino does not offer any deposit bonuses.

How to refer friends and earn bonuses at Vertbet Casino?

You need to get your mates on board by sharing your bonus link with them, and persuading them to splash out on at least three deposits at the casino, mate. They must also verify their identity at the casino. It's all fair dinkum and above board, just like a true-blue Aussie casino experience should be!

  • Numerous casino games abound
  • Referral bonus
  • Accepts and cryptocurrencies
  • Without live attendants
  • "No deposit bonus"
  • Variedade de jogos
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