IGT, a Proven Provider of Casino Software

Originally founded back in the good old days of 1976, International Game Technology (or as Aussies fondly know it, IGT) kicked off with their addictive poker machines. Fast forward to today, and they still keep those pokies spinning, but have also dived head first into the thrilling world of online gaming. From their bustling headquarters tucked away in Rome, Las Vegas, and Providence, this gaming giant stretches its influence across over 100 countries, including our sunburnt shores. Plus, they're a big shot on the New York Stock Exchange. So, whether you love the whirl of the slots or the click of a mouse, IGT's got something to tickle the fancy of every Aussie punter out there.

IGT gaming

Boasting a remarkable pool of over 12,000 dedicated employees, the casino software provider stands as a shining beacon in the industry, its many decades of rich and colourful history attesting to its enduring reputation. With such a talented team fuelling its endeavours, it's only natural to anticipate a superior fusion of quality and quantity in their gaming offerings.


  • More than 500 games
  • Mobile device compatible games
  • Present in 65+ casinos
  • Reliable company with an extensive history.
  • Also produces video poker content.

Top IGT Online Casinos

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Jackpot City
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Most Popular IGT Online Casino Games

With a thrilling selection of over 500 games at your fingertips, there's no doubt you're spoilt for choice when it comes to online casinos. Among the rich tapestry of gaming options, you'll typically uncover an imaginative and varied range of slot machines and video poker offerings from IGT. Bursting with creativity and variety, these games are sure to keep Aussie punters enthralled and eager for more.

However, the gaming producer isn't exactly renowned for dazzling graphics. The spins of the slot machines aren't particularly swift either. Essentially, they're more catered towards those adventure seekers yearning for fresh experiences.

Taking centre stage, IGT, a casino provider, boasts a range of games that are inspired by beloved TV shows and classic board games. Think of favourites such as Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, and the time-honoured Monopoly. Let's dive a little deeper and explore each thrilling game category on offer.


Much like every casino game provider, with perhaps the exception of those who specialise in live casinos, slot machines are the crown jewel of IGT.

Games such as Monopoly, Siberian Storm and Cluedo, which first made their debut on physical machines, are sterling examples of how pokies can be wonderfully unique. For those who aren't overly concerned with hyper-stylised, high-definition graphics, these games serve up a cracking gameplay experience.

Certain games feature an array of special effects, including captivating 3D visuals and even immersive 4D experiences. Moreover, you can indulge in the thrill of potential winnings with up to three-tiered jackpots.

Video Poker

Call it video poker or video pokies, the provider has launched over 10 distinctive games. One has the option of indulging in some rounds for free at certain casinos, or, if they fancy a bit more thrill, they could play with real Aussie dollars. Be it a casual evening or a weekend spree, these games are designed to cater to your every whim, keeping the spirit of Australian gambling culture alive. Always remember to check up on the latest bonuses before diving in, because who doesn't love a good bonus to boost their game? Be it a rookie or an experienced punter, the world of video poker is just a click away, welcoming you with open arms.

Among the options, you'll find games with multipliers like the thrilling Moving Multiplies Poker, or those sporting a dash of added suspense through dice play. This is indeed the exciting premise of the Super Hot Roll Poker game. Truly, it stands as one of the rare gaming providers that knows how to craft exhilarating challenges using well-established game genres.

Mobile Casino IGT

IGT provides the thrill of games that are immediately accessible, that is, their games can be spun straight from your browser. This applies to their mobile casino versions, just as seamlessly as you can open them with a single click on your computer. These games deliver instant gratification, no matter if you're on the move or cozy at home, making your gaming experience downright exciting and effortless.

According to the provider itself, every one of their games is built using HTML5 technology. Hence, there's no need for the old and outdated Flash to run them, making them considerably faster. Furthermore, their solutions are not only compatible with web browsers but also with casinos for Android and iOS.

The Top Casino with IGT Gaming Games

Jackpot City Casino

If you're in the mood for a top-tier gaming experience, Jackpot City is the casino we wholeheartedly recommend for fully enjoying IGT games down under, in Australia. At Jackpot City Casino, you can immerse yourself in the thrill of the latest game releases as well as the all-time favourite classics. It's a veritable playground for all gaming devotees, providing an atmosphere that's both exhilarating and enticing. Don't miss out on this fun-filled Aussie adventure!

10 Giros grátis + dobre seu 1º depósito até R$500


IGT's resounding success and recognition in the industry is impossible to overlook. This exceptional company has undeniably stood out, reaping prestigious awards and nominations for its world-class quality. It's worth highlighting a few recent noteworthy events that have further cemented IGT's top-tier status.

Trade Sector Honors: Sustainable Business Award (2020)

Far surpassing the quality of their games, the company received commendation within their industry for providing aid to tackle the dreadful fallout of the recent pandemic.

The Casino Journal's 2020 Top 20 Awards for the Most Innovative Gaming Technology Products.

Three of this provider's offerings have made their mark among the top 20 innovative technologies in the Casino Journal’s rankings - the PeakBar Top slot machine, the PlaySports Bank, and the PlaySports Pod. The latter two are specifically designed for in-person sports betting. These innovative products have revolutionised the Australian gaming scene by bringing a fresh wave of technology into our local casinos. Bursting onto the scene, they've captured the hearts of punters nationwide who are always on the lookout for the next big thing in gaming.

EKG Slot Prizes: The Best Performing Video Poker Game of 2020

IGT's Ultimate X™ Poker game bagged the title of '2020's Best Video Poker Game,' as per the EKG Slot Awards. This highly engaging game, with its thrilling highs and lows, has wooed Aussie poker lovers, making it a heart-throb in the realm of video poker.

London's 2020 ICE: Top Slot Game

In 2019, Fortune Coin, yet another pokie concocted by the provider, was honoured as the top pokie of the year at ICE London.

Worldwide Gaming Honors: Best Slot Supplier of the Year

In addition to all the accolades already won, the company was also heralded as the 'Pokies Provider of the Year' at the IGA in 2020, a testament to its trailblazing innovation. The award was rightfully secured due to its remarkable ability to break new ground, shaking up the industry.

Security and Reliability

With an impressive history spanning over 40 years, IGT has proven its determination to stay ahead in a highly competitive market stuffed with providers. The sheer volume of recent nominations and awards paints a vivid picture of a company that's not only alive and kicking, but also hungry to maintain its strong presence in the marketplace. It's a testament to their ability to adapt, innovate and continuously deliver, even in a changing landscape. Their journey in this industry is nothing short of extraordinary, and they show no signs of slowing down.

In addition to the certainty that comes with its sterling reputation, IGT proudly holds an impressive total of 450 global licences, allowing it to supply games in complete accordance with legislative regulations. Notably, it has been graced with the approval of the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority, two of the most influential regulators in this industry worldwide. For us here in Australia, this serves as a testament to IGT's commitment to operate within the bounds of our local laws, ensuring a legal, safe and thrilling gaming experience for all Aussie punters.

Enjoy IGT Games for Free!

In addition to the exhilarating possibility of playing with real money in any casino for potential windfalls, free games are readily available online as well. This is true for IGT, and it applies equally to their thrilling pokie games as well as their captivating video poker games. So, whether you're in the mood to stake your Aussie dollars for a shot at a big win or just fancy a bit of free fun, IGT's offerings are sure to keep you entertained.

The real beauty of playing for free, even though you're not racking up any winnings, lies in the golden opportunity to give different games a red hot go. This way, you get to truly understand how they operate and discover any possible bonuses, before you take the plunge and start placing real stakes.

Casino games, by their very nature, are a wonderful source of amusement, aren't they? The beauty of it is, you don't always have to place bets with real money to enjoy the thrill they offer, and that's a genuine perk. Beyond the glitz and glamour, they're all about having a bit of fun, and that's something we could all do with a bit more of in our lives. So, why not take a spin? After all, it's not always about the winnings, but the joy of the game itself.