Live Bingo in Australia

Did you know that you can have a whirl of fun playing live bingo with just a small amount, all the while chasing big prizes? Every Australian adult can enjoy live bingo games from the comfort of their own home with very affordable stakes. To make this possible, it's crucial to pick a casino or platform that provides fair games and truly offers a quality experience.

Here at CasinosOnline, Australia, we aim for more than just guiding you on how to play live bingo. We've compiled a list of websites where you can find the most thrilling game experience, and we also divulge which live bingo games yield the greatest wins!

We accomplish this by delivering up-to-the-minute details such as:

  • The top live online bingo games available.
  • What are the rules and how to play safely.
  • What can be done to win at live bingo?
  • Tactics that might come in handy in Live Bingo
  • The technology behind the most advanced games.

Just keep following along with us in this piece to become a whizz at live bingo play and uncover precisely what the top live bingo sites are!

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How do we discover the top live bingo websites?

Far beyond the sheer quality of live bingo games, which is crucial in our selection of a recommendable site, the casinos we've highlighted here tick essential boxes, such as:

  • Fair and audited games.
  • A pleasing user experience.
  • Portuguese versions.
  • Affordable prices for the cards.
  • Worthwhile rewards.

Sure, there are some fundamental standards that any casino must meet to even be considered. That is, they also provide secure and accessible payment methods, customer support, operating permits, and a user-friendly website.

Live Bingo Games Play

To kick off your live bingo adventure in an online casino in Australia, you'll first need to decide which game tickles your fancy.

Just keep in mind, mate, there's no such thing as a free live bingo game. So, you've got to have some dosh in your pocket to play any of these live bingo games where real money is at stake.

Mega Ball

The most favoured live bingo game currently sweeping across Australia is Mega Ball, brought to us by Evolution Gaming. This captivating Live Bingo game fires off a swift flurry of numbered balls and, as each thrilling new round kicks off, players are offered the chance to nab between 1 to 400 cards to join in the fun.

The payouts range from a humble one Aussie dollar for correctly guessing just a single line, up to a whopping 10,000 bucks for nailing at least six lines on a card that boasts a total of twelve lines! Yet, despite these already jaw-dropping earnings, the real cash live bingo Mega Ball game has an even more tantalising feature: a bonus multiplier after each round, adding a thrilling twist to the game!

Twenty balls out of fifty are drawn, and each player's card features 25 numbers. It's a hands-free experience, as this is an automatically run, live online bingo game. So, after the draw, a random multiplier ranging from 5x to 100x is selected, all down to the luck of the draw.

If the lucky number drawn, together with this multiplier, happens to be part of any completed line on your cards (tickets), then you are in for a real treat! The prize value of that particular card gets multiplied by the bonus! Now, isn't that a fantastic way to boost your winnings?

Live Bingo Halls Overview

In an absolutely exclusive manner, some of the top-notch live bingo websites offer their very own live bingo rooms. Within these, you go toe-to-toe with other players to see who can hit bingo first, making it the online bingo format that remains truest to the traditional game.

Usually, you'll find a plethora of rooms presenting ticket values that start from mere cents or several dollars. Depending on the entry cost, the game's difficulty, the number of balls in play, and the draws, the prizes can vary significantly, adding an element of thrill and anticipation to the mix. A prime example of this exhilarating experience is the live bingo offered by Bet365, a well-regarded gaming platform, known for its convenient and quick digital payment methods!

Unlike the Mega Ball, you won't discover it in the live casino section, rather it's tucked away in a separate bingo nook within the real money online casino.

Pragmatic Play's Live Bingo Experience

In some of the casinos we've scrutinised and endorsed, you can experience the exhilarating thrill of playing live dealer bingo in Pragmatic Play's real-time rooms. We can proudly present a few trusty examples, which feature reliable payment methods such as PayID and credit cards. Dive in and let the games begin!

  • 1xBet
  • Cellars

Just like in the thrilling game of live bingo at Bet365, players snap up their tickets, pitting their wits against other players in real-time, all vying for that adrenaline-pumping moment of correctly guessing the numbers. Despite its equally welcoming nature, it's only played by converting your balance into Aussie dollars.

Live Bingo: How does it operate?

It's no use just knowing the games and understanding that live bingo indeed pays out if you don't grasp how they work and how to play in the casino. That's why we're here to unravel the mystery of how to play live bingo so that you're primed and ready for any game you're keen to try out.

How to play live bingo?

The game of live bingo is akin to the old-fashioned classic we all adore: numbered balls are drawn at random, and players - clutching the tickets they've invested in - are on the edge of their seats, hopeful that as many numbers as possible match those on their own tickets.

The entire sequence of the game operates in the following way:

  • The player purchases the cards or tickets before the rounds start.
  • The round begins and the numbered balls are drawn one by one.
  • The numbers on the cards that match are automatically marked.
  • Should the player fill up the paylines, it gets added to their balance.
  • The rounds restart from the first step.

As the games are live, the rounds don't hang about waiting for the players, instead giving a specified amount of time for you to purchase your game cards. Once these are bought, you're all set to participate in live bingo.

There's no room to sway the outcomes, so if your concern is how to win at live bingo, all you can do is cross your fingers and hope. More cards cover more numbers, but they're completely random, even though you can swap them out just as randomly. However, with a dash of luck and a sprinkle of good vibes, who knows what could happen? Remember, in the end, it's all a bit of fun and a chance to feel that thrilling flutter of anticipation in the Aussie spirit of a fair go. There's nothing quite like the feeling of seeing your numbers come up, right? So, sit back, relax, and let Lady Luck do her thing.

To ensure you always get a fair shake in any Live bingo game, these games are crafted with an RNG (Random Number Generator). This means, the software churns out unpredictable sequences to decide on the drawn numbers, ensuring that even the bingo casino itself doesn't have the power to impact them. This sets the stage for genuine thrill and suspense in every game, making each moment in the bingo hall brimming with intense anticipation and excitement. The unpredictable nature of the game, guarded by the trusty RNG, truly gives you an authentic and fair bingo experience right here in Australia.


  • You can only purchase cards to play live bingo before the round starts and within the time allowed by the game.
  • In live bingo, the host sets the pace, but always adheres to the prearranged timetable.
  • Live demo bingo does not exist in online casinos.
  • Once the round has begun, you cannot cancel your cards and request a refund.
  • All losses and gains are automatically computed.
  • The cost is determined by the total number of cards purchased by the player. Therefore, there are no chips in live bingo.
  • The player has the ability to change the numbers on their cards, without restriction, prior to the start of the rounds.


Every live bingo game comes with its own unique set of payout rules, mate. Just know, each line-up or accumulation of lines might have a different value to be paid out, with the top prize usually being a full card. Just like in Mega Ball, where the whole six lines completed is typically the ultimate win. So make sure you're in the know, because who knows, the next big win could be yours!

Features of Live Bingo

When you immerse yourself in the thrill of live bingo, you hold the reins, choosing exactly how many cards you want to buy. In case of the live Mega Ball bingo, you even get to define the individual ticket price, which can range from AUD 0.50 to an exciting AUD 500. However, when it comes to other live bingo room games, the prices are set in stone and vary from room to room. So, you see, every bingo experience is as unique as you are, making it a thrilling game of chance with an Aussie spin.

In other words, the rest is all taken care of, mate. All you have to do is kick back, watch, and keenly await to see if you've snagged a prize. If we're talking about a game like Mega Ball, or any other live bingo games for that matter, there's an 'Annul' option to cancel all your cards at once. But if you're feeling lucky and want to keep the same bet as before, just click 'Repeat'. It's as simple as that – fair dinkum!

Live Bingo: Benefits, Tips, and Strategies

Now, all you need are a few precious pearls of wisdom to confidently dive into the world of live bingo! Forget about the pen and paper - we've got your back, and we're making it a breeze for you to plunge straight into live bingo!

Benefits of playing live bingo

Stepping up from friendly social bingo for a bit of fun to diving into the thrilling world of live bingo games with real cash, you'll need an international online casino to do it legally here in Australia. While it's certainly possible to play on your own, there's something electrifying about live bingo. It's not just about the timed rounds that quicken your pulse, but the exhilarating knowledge that there are other folks out there playing alongside you!

This is the heart and soul of live bingo: you're in the game with others, but not against anyone in games with a dealer, or you're pitted against other players in exclusive rooms! There's a flavour for everyone, but it’s always served up with interaction, anonymity, and a dash more excitement than just playing with software alone.

Moreover, the other perks are on par with those of other online bingo games, such as the thrilling prospect of laying actual money on the line for real winnings or the sheer comfort of playing from just about anywhere! What's more, there's always a version with lofty prizes in live bingo games.

Tips and strategies

  • Bingo is a game of chance, so you never predict when your winning round will occur.
  • If your bankroll allows, invest in multiple cards in a single round to make the game more dynamic.
  • Always contrast the prize's value with the individual card's value to select the most efficient game.
  • Consider the live Mega Ball bingo bonuses, which can elevate winnings to extraordinary levels.
  • Only engage in live bingo at reputable casinos that we have thoroughly vetted.

Live Bingo versus Traditional Online Bingo

Every single bingo game that isn't played live can be dubbed as video bingo, just like Pachinko 3 or Hot Bingo, for instance. These games are enjoyed solo, allowing you to kick off the fun whenever your heart desires. Typically, there's a tantalising accumulated jackpot prize up for grabs that seldom gets won.

Although we might consider traditional bingo halls part of the mix, their live nature is what sets them apart from their video bingo counterparts. It's this element of real-time engagement, full of human laughter, the clatter of markers on cards, and the echoing call of the numbers, that adds a distinct flavour to the classic Aussie pastime. With video bingo, it's a different kettle of fish, offering its own unique twist on the game we hold so dear.

If we think about live bingo, especially the type that includes a host, this becomes its key unique feature: a presenter to engage the players. You can even interact with other players via chat, and typically, there are a few treats on offer. This is indeed the case with Mega Ball, where you can snag some pretty fantastic bonuses.

Thus, the conventional format is straightforward and offers a more personalised experience. Somewhere in the middle, we find rooms where rounds take place every few minutes and occur in real-time. Meanwhile, in the live casino, you combine all the features of other games with the presence of a dealer and unique traits such as multipliers. So, the traditional way is refreshingly straightforward, affording you a finely-tailored experience. Nestled in the middle, we encounter rooms where the action unfolds every few minutes, all happening in real-time. Then there's the thrilling live casino, where you get to blend all the elements of other games, topped off with an actual dealer and exclusive features like multipliers. It's an exhilarating fusion of the old and new, and there's an unmistakable thrill in the air when you're part of it!

The technology behind live bingo

Live bingo isn't quite like your standard bingo halls and solo games where the software conjures up random results using RNG (Random Number Generator). Although this technology ensures a fair game, it's not applicable to draws like Mega Ball, since it incorporates physical balls.

Therefore, the machines used to draw balls in games are audited by independent bodies, just as they are with the lotteries. The bonus generated in games like Mega Ball is indeed produced by RNG software. In other words, neither the casino nor the provider can rig the outcomes, which are completely random.

In the case of live bingo rooms amongst players, the outcomes are completely determined by that very same Random Number Generator (RNG).

Moreover, in live dealer bingo games, there's a symphony of cameras all working in harmony and a seamless integration with the software on the studio floor, ensuring players are kept right up to speed with the latest information.

Software providers

Right now, Evolution Gaming stands alone as the only studio offering live bingo, specifically their Mega Ball game. This top-tier provider has truly made a name for itself in Australia, renowned for churning out some of the finest live casino games you can get your hands on. Not just that, Evolution Gaming also holds the reins to several other high-profile brands, including Ezugi, NetEnt, and Red Tiger. Such impressive credentials, wouldn't you agree?

Pragmatic Play, a powerhouse in the slot machine industry, has impressively carved out a niche for itself in the realm of live games. Rather than offering live bingo with a dealer, it provides real-time bingo software to sites such as 1xBet and 22Bet, right here in Australia. Its offerings have a personal touch that makes you feel as though you're really part of the game, adding a thrill like no other. This unique feature has helped it stand out and become a beloved choice amongst Australian gaming enthusiasts.

Frequently asked questions

How to place bets in live bingo?

Every ticket you snag by tapping on its corresponding button is a flutter on the upcoming round of live bingo.

Which live bingo game can earn you money?

Every live bingo game with stakes carries the thrilling opportunity to pocket a bit of extra cash. That's right, folks! In the land Down Under, your love for the classic game of bingo could just be your ticket to a rewarding windfall. So gather around, you could be the next lucky Aussie to call out 'Bingo' and walk away with a pretty penny!

Is it safe to play live dealer bingo?

If it comes from a reputable provider, like Evolution, and it's in a trustworthy casino, indeed, it's absolutely secure. Now, just imagine this scenario in an Aussie setting. We're talking about a top-tier provider, Evolution, renowned for their credibility worldwide, mates. And they're partnered up with a reliable Aussie casino. In this case, you can rest easy knowing you're in safe hands. This isn't some dodgy back-street operation; it's the real deal. So, don't sweat it, mate. Your bonus is safe, secure, and ready for you to enjoy!

Can one track results in live bingo?

Yes, the record of recent outcomes can be viewed when you launch the game.

Can I play live bingo on my mobile phone?

Yes, the games are utterly compatible with mobile devices, and you can immerse yourself in them right at the casino, instantly through your browser.

Can I interact with the dealer and other players in live bingo?

Yes, the chat feature is accessible for respectful interaction.

Can I play live bingo for free?

No, a trial or free version isn't available for live bingo, but you're more than welcome to watch video replays of rounds to get your head around it.