Live Blackjack Games Worth Money 2023

Every passionate player, searching for the finest live blackjack experience, ought to exercise some caution. It's about immersing oneself in the thrill of the game, feeling the cards shuffle, and subtly outwitting the dealer right from your lounge in Australia. With every deal, there's an enriching chance to win - but remember, a well-played hand requires careful thought, a bit of down-under grit and a smidge of Aussie luck!

While gaming in Australia, we pay attention to certain aspects such as:

  • The live casino must be licensed and have its headquarters abroad.
  • Live blackjack rooms need to be from studios. trustworthy .
  • There must be convenient and secure methods for deposit and withdrawal.
  • Support available most of the time, preferably in Portuguese.
  • Responsive Live Blackjack rooms for mobile access.

For this reason, we've gone above and beyond to bring you the finest websites for playing live blackjack with real money stakes in Australia, and we've also guided you on how to master the game. This way, you can save yourself all that hassle and simply follow our top-notch recommendations!

As a bonus, we're also bringing you tips that go beyond teaching you how to play live blackjack, ensuring that you have the absolute best experience.

Top casino websites featuring live blackjack games

R$2,000 + 200 Rodadas Grátis
Bônus de boas-vindas cassino e esportes 100% até R$500
Bônus De Boas - vindas No Cassino De Até R$ 5000
Bônus de até 1500 BRL
Bônus até R$ 1800 + 170 rodadas grátis
Bônus até R$3500
Deposite mínimo R$ 50 e consiga até R$ 2000
Bônus de Boas-vindas de até R$500
Dobre Seu Primeiro Bônus de Cassino Até R$500

How we choose the top live blackjack websites

Just as vital as picking a ripper live blackjack game to play, is ensuring that the website is trustworthy and won't give you a headache with payments or game responsiveness. With this in mind, we've sifted through the live casino sites using top-notch quality criteria.

  • Security: Any website allowing live blackjack gameplay must possess an operational license and provide SSL encryption.
  • Quality: Live blackjack games should be of high caliber, boasting a good reputation from their providers and the assurance that the outcomes are random, with well-shuffled decks.
  • Variety: The finest websites of live casino Should go beyond the basics and provide diversity, with options for unique rooms and side bets in Live Blackjack, to name a few examples.
  • Reputation: We scrutinize the reputation of every accessible Blackjack Casino. For instance, we're aware that engaging in a live blackjack game at... She gets thirsty It's safe because the brand is well-known.

Thus, the standards we use are quite similar to those we employ for evaluating websites for traditional online blackjack. Above all, we ensure the safety and reliability of the betting houses, we meticulously assess the quality of the games and we are always on high alert! In our hearts, we believe in keeping our fellow Aussies informed and safe when it comes to online gambling. We want you to enjoy the thrill of the game, knowing that you're doing so on a secure, top-quality site. Rest assured, we've got our eyes peeled, always looking out for you!

Varieties of Live Blackjack Games

After you've handpicked the online casino where you'll be placing real money bets to play live blackjack, based on our unerring reviews, you'll have to choose which variant of Live Blackjack you'll kick off with. Here's a handy guide to some of the most popular options you might fancy.

  • Infinite Blackjack Live blackjack room with unlimited seating for players to "sit" at the online table. The bets are affordable and there are four side bets with rounds in sequence.
  • Speed Blackjack: Perfect for those seeking faster live blackjack rounds, the Speed rooms are an excellent choice. All players play concurrently, thereby accelerating the course of the rounds.
  • Lightning Blackjack: A live blackjack gaming option involving real money, accompanied by RNG software-generated random multipliers offering player rewards ranging from 2x to 25x!
  • Free-Bet Blackjack This live dealer blackjack variant carries elements of the classic game, but also features the Free Double Down and Free Split bets. Under specific circumstances, the player can double or split their hand without paying an additional cost.
  • Power Blackjack: In the Power variant, live blackjack for real money also has unlimited room for players. As a unique feature, the cards 9 and 10 have been eliminated from 8 decks. The game brings four parallel bets and allows to multiply the stake up to four times!
  • Blackjack Party: The Party variation accepts low stakes, allows you to bet on other players at the table, and accommodates up to 7 players per room. Of course, you have the option to just watch the online casino!

Live Blackjack: How does it operate?

Now that you've explored the various live blackjack versions, let's devour the essence of the game. It's crucial to underline that the chance of playing live blackjack for free is typically slim, as providers seldom offer a live demo version of blackjack.

How to play live blackjack

Once you've handpicked the Live Blackjack room you'd like to immerse yourself in, you are more than welcome to kick things off by simply watching and soaking up the rhythm of the round. Do notice that there's a designated time for both, launching the game and making your crucial decisions.

The aim is always to hit 21 in the card count, or as close to it as possible, without losing out to the dealer. Any hand that exceeds the 21 count instantly loses and must await the start of the next round.

You have the freedom to fine-tune your wager and place your chips to designate the value of your bet before the round kicks off. If there are side bets available, you can try your luck on them, opening up other avenues to hit the jackpot in live blackjack.

Once you've received your cards, as long as you don't exceed the count of 21, you're free to determine your next move. You might choose to double down your bet, request another card, or simply hold on to what you've got. The only way to secure an instant win is to hit the magic number of 21 points with just your first two cards. This is how the points are read:

  • Cards 2 through 10: They hold their face value.
  • Face cards: They are worth 10.
  • Ace: Worth 1 or 11.

For instance, a King and an Ace amounted to 21 points.


  • Beyond the conventional wager, you can place stakes on side bets, which have unique victory conditions.
  • Betting can only be placed when the dealer or the game signals it's the right time.
  • The player has a set time limit to make their decision.
  • Should no action be taken, the game interprets that the player has chosen to keep their hand as it is.
  • Offensive behavior of any kind is not allowed in the live blackjack chat.
  • There's no turning back on bets once the decision or entry moment has passed.
  • The casino is not liable for disconnection or issues after the bet has been placed.
  • If you come across a free live blackjack version, you can't secure winnings without real bets.

Types of bets

Mastering the art of trying your luck at the casino in various live blackjack versions isn't a tough gig, mate. Essentially, you're putting your hard-earned Aussie dollars on the line, either on your own hand or on that of another punter. Then, if you're lucky enough to reach the decision phase, there's even more betting options you can dive into.

  • Insurance: refund if the dealer manages to create a blackjack (21).
  • Dobrar: It doubles the bet value in that hand.
  • Split: Initiates a fresh wager using one of the cards in another hand, appending new cards to both.

Alongside your initial punt, there's a chance that additional wagers can be made, such as:

  • Every Duo: This side bet is paid by any pair.
  • 21+3: A win is secured if the player's two cards combined with the dealer's card result in a poker combination.
  • Hot 3: An exclusive feature of Infinite Blackjack tables, it pays out if the player's and dealer's cards total anything between 19 and 21.
  • Bust It: Occurs when a player places a side bet and the dealer exceeds a count of 21. The more cards the dealer uses to do this, the more the player is paid out.
  • Six-Card Charlie: An automatic win for the player holding six cards without exceeding 21.
  • Ideal Match: This side bet pays out for two identical cards.


Take note that the table below showcases varying earnings for each type of side bet. This is because, depending on the combination or the cards that bring about the winning criteria of the bet, the earnings could be substantially higher.

Result Achieved Payment
Blackjack 3:2
Insurance Bet 2:1
21+3 5:1 a 100:1
Any Pair 11:1
Bust It 1:1 a 250:1
Hot 3 1:1 a 100:1
Perfect Pair 25:1
Six-Card Charlie 10:1

Live blackjack action shares

When you're engrossed in a lively game of blackjack, wagering your hard-earned Aussie dollars, you'll be offered the exciting opportunity to make decisions mid-game, unless your two cards instantly hit or exceed 21. In such a thrilling moment, you'll either savour the sweet taste of victory or experience the sting of immediate loss. This is the pulse-racing, risk-filled world of live blackjack.

If you fancy, the gamer can also set up automatic wagers and simply watch online casino as the rounds go by. The potential actions are:

  • Hold - Similar to 'stay' in the same way, with the current cards, and wait for the outcome.
  • Strike - Request an additional card for the hand.
  • If the game allows, split or divide the hand into two. Each hand equals a money bet and ends up with two cards in total.
  • Double - Doubling the bet, often due to strong confidence in one's hand.
  • Concession - It's the act of yielding, not accessible in every live blackjack game, which reimburses half of the stake.

Live Blackjack: Benefits, Tips, and Tactics

The core concepts of placing bets and where to play live blackjack are now crystal clear. Now, before you make a deposit at a casino using PayID or a credit card, let's delve into the perks and tips associated with live blackjack.

Benefits of playing live blackjack

  • Experience akin to playing in an actual casino.
  • Complete anonymity.
  • Opportunity to engage with the dealer and fellow gamers through chat.
  • Broad assortment of rooms.
  • Side bets to enhance the experience and winning potential.
  • Completely responsive on mobile devices.

So, these are compelling reasons that increasingly inspire players to explore how to gamble at the casino, specifically in the live blackjack rooms, due to its simple yet exhilarating nature.

Tips and strategies

  • Don't attempt to count cards, as the decks are exchanged every round.
  • Predicting or influencing the cards is impossible, so concentrate on the decisions you can make during your turn.
  • Should you hold a value of 11 in hand, it's good.
  • Split pairs of 8 or Aces.
  • Delve into side bets for increased profits.
  • Play in various rooms to explore additional earning opportunities.
  • If your hand is between 12 and 15 and the dealer's is from 2 to 6, refrain from drawing another card.
  • If the dealer has seven to Ace and you have twelve to sixteen, request another card.
  • Request another card or double down if you have an Ace to 6.
  • Betting on insurance is unfavorable for the player, so steer clear of them.

Live Blackjack versus Traditional Online Blackjack

Still tossing up between the differences and benefits of traditional blackjack as opposed to the live version? Allow me to guide you through a swift comparison! With all the excitement and suspense that comes with traditional blackjack, you might just find yourself charmed by the engaging atmosphere of the live version. So, why not dive in and discover which one truly tickles your fancy? Get ready for a thrilling journey into the world of blackjack - live and traditional, Australian-style!

Live Blackjack Traditional blackjack
Demo versions are seldom found. Allows free play.
Akin to a casino experience. Basic table layout design.
Affordable betting and VIP rooms. Similar betting limits across games.
Compatible with live casino bonus offers. Compatible with casino bonuses.
Largest range of side bets available. More concentrated on the regular wager.

So, you're already brimming with more than enough details to decide whether you want to start rolling the dice in live rooms at an online casino right here in Australia, among the ones we heartily endorse.

The technology behind live blackjack

For the thrilling game of live blackjack to spring to life, there are dedicated studios at the helm. They ensure that professional dealers are comfortably seated at the tables, adeptly guiding the games with real decks of cards.

To ensure that the game's integrity is upheld, the studios (providers) are meticulously audited by independent organisations. Thus, their reputation is constantly on the line, and they must strive to ensure fairness at all times.

The broadcasting happens live, and the cutting-edge software connected to the casinos plays a crucial role in quickly identifying the cards to ensure there are no mistakes in interpreting the players' moves.

As these are authentic games, there's no RNG shaping the cards that are dealt. All you need is an internet connection, an account with a live casino, and funds to kick off your betting adventure. In the vibrant world of live gaming, all unfolds in real-time, right from the shuffling to the dealing of the cards, offering you an experience as thrilling as being at a physical casino, right from the comfort of your own home in Australia! So, wherever you are mate, from Sydney to Perth, let's get those bets rolling!

Software providers

At last, we're taking a thrilling journey into the heart of the providers and studios that host live blackjack games, accessible in the finest Aussie casinos! Hold your breath as we delve into the intricate world of gambling and game development, delving into the passion and dedication of these creators. Remember, the glow of online blackjack is just a click away, right there in the best casinos Down Under. These gaming giants are putting their best foot forward for your entertainment, so why wait? Let's dive in and explore more about these providers and studios, mates!

  • ViG (Visionary iGaming) is a provider known for its traditional blackjack, but it's also the patent-holder of the Early Payout feature, a mechanism allowing players to exit at any point with a slightly reduced payout, boasting a 99.5% Return To Player (RTP) rate.
  • Evolution Gaming As one of the largest live game providers, it offers countless chances to explore the game from many angles, including Speed, Lightning, and Infinite Blackjack.
  • Playtech In addition to the diversity in game languages, the renowned Playtech, also known for its slot machines, provides the Ultimate Blackjack version, without restrictions on the number of concurrent players.
  • Pragmatic Play Live - The prominent Pragmatic Play provides classic room offerings, inclusive of ONE Blackjack, where a unique dynamic with side bets is featured.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to place bets in live blackjack?

With your hard-earned cash securely tucked away in your casino account, you can confidently place your chips on the designated card area on screen to cast your bet.

Which live blackjack game earns money?

Every live blackjack game at our recommended casinos holds the potential to yield returns, but it's important to remember that nothing is ever set in stone. In this ever-unpredictable world of ours, even the most rewarding experiences never come with guarantees. So, while you stand to win a tidy sum playing these games, it's essential to keep your expectations grounded and remember that every win is just the cherry on top of the thrilling experience that is live blackjack.

Where to find live blackjack in Australia?

A significant number of online casinos have already introduced the Australian version of live blackjack.

How to succeed in live blackjack?

You need to nail the standard bet with a total of 21 points or as close as you can get to it, while always ensuring you have more points than the dealer.

Is it safe to play live dealer blackjack?

Yes, provided you do it in casinos that we have evaluated and deemed safe.

Is it possible to count cards in live blackjack?

No, the decks are changed after each round, eradicating any tracking.

Can I chat with other players in the live chat?

Yes, and even with the dealer, while playing or watching.

Can I play live blackjack on my mobile phone?

Yes, the games are fully responsive and the rooms can be accessed on mobile.

Can I play live blackjack for free?

No, it's not typically the case that you'll find a demo version of live blackjack from most providers, but you can certainly sit back, relax and observe the action!