How to Play Live Lightning Blackjack

About the Live Lightning Blackjack game

Choosing to engage in a live round of Lightning Blackjack, you'll find yourself immersed in a game remarkably similar to traditional blackjack, but with a delightful twist. This version of the game offers multipliers of up to 25x on your winnings for successful hands, a feature that could potentially turn a small wager into a significant payout. It's like the usual blackjack game on a sunny Australian day, but with an unexpected, thrilling thunderbolt thrown in! Remember, fortune favours the bold, so why not give Lightning Blackjack a try and see if Lady Luck is on your side today?

This exclusive game from Evolution Gaming, Lightning Blackjack Live, boasts an enticing RTP of 99.56%, making it all the more thrilling for those who dare to play. However, it's not all smooth sailing. There's a catch that comes with the potential of bagging those multipliers. The game imposes a hefty fee of 100% on the staked amount. Now you might be wondering why such a steep increase, remarkably more than the 20% surcharge found in other games with extra features like Baccarat. Well, the simple answer lies in this game's high RTP at the betting houses. A thrill like no other, this game brings you a rush of excitement, mingling risk and reward like few others can!

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How to Play Live Lightning Blackjack

One of the perks of delving into the dynamic game of Lightning Blackjack live, projected to be a real money-maker in 2023, is the absence of any extra rules for those familiar with playing online blackjack with actual cash. So, your first move? Choose from one of the live casinos that has already been extensively vetted and highly recommended right here on our site. Just like a true-blue Aussie, dive right in and experience the thrill of the game.

So, once you've made a deposit to play Lightning Blackjack live for real cash, it's as simple as following these steps:

  • Locate the game in the live casino section of the site you've selected.
  • Upon opening, observe that the minimum chip costs R$ 5 and there will always be a 100% fee - yielding a minimum bet of R$ 10.
  • By clicking on the chip matching the bet you wish to place, simply press the only clickable space on the table to set your wager.
  • Wait for the round to begin.
  • Once the cards are dealt, decide whether to stand, request a card, split or double.
  • Should you triumph with 21 or fewer points, but more than the dealer, you receive a multiplier for the following round.

So, you've got to clinch the win so that, in the next round that could happen in up to 180 days, you could have a multiplier anywhere from 2x to a whopping 25x, depending on the kind of victory you've nailed.

Just like in other versions of blackjack, when you immerse yourself in a game of Live Lightning Blackjack with real cash, you tally the points from the cards in this manner:

  • Ace – Worth 1 or 11.
  • 2 to 9 - These cards hold their own face value.
  • 10, J, Q, and K - They're worth 10.

So, there's no enigma to how live Lightning Blackjack works. With each decision, strive for 21 points or less, but never more to avoid instantly losing, and aim to best the dealer's hand. You play with only one hand per round, and the multipliers you gain upon winning are random.

Always remember, my mate, that because Lightning Blackjack is a live game from Evolution, you won't find any online casino site in Australia that lets you play it for free. It's a bit of a disappointment, I know, but that's the way the dice rolls in the world of live gaming.

Game rules

  • Live Lightning Blackjack games are played with a total of eight decks.
  • The dealer never requests additional cards upon reaching 17.
  • Doubling is allowed with any initial cards.
  • The dealer checks for blackjack if they have an Ace.
  • You can only divide once.
  • Doubling the bet after splitting is not allowed.
  • Insurance is available when the dealer has an Ace - it's not advised due to the house's high advantage.
  • A draw cancels the bet.
  • There is a mandatory fee of 100%, in other words, that doubles the value, on any bet - split and double do not require an additional fee.
  • Multipliers are random and can range from 2x to 25x, but they only apply to the subsequent winning round.


Victory Payment
Blackjack (21 points) 3:2 a 25:1
Winning Hand 1:1 a 25:1
Safe 2:1

Should a player be fortunate enough to draw a cracking hand totalling 21 points—the coveted blackjack—they're rewarded with a payout of 3:2. This means, for example, if a wager of AU$10 was placed, the player would be chuffed to find themselves pocketing an additional AU$15 on top of their initial stake. It's important to note, the fee levied isn't taken into account in the determination of the payout.

So, in the ensuing rounds, the player has the chance to pocket some serious cash, up to 25 times the initial amount, all hinging on the multiplier they've managed to nab with their triumph. It's a thrilling prospect, laden with the potential for real profit.

Glossary of characteristics

  • 2x to 25x: This is the value of the multiplier that will be applied to the next winning bet.
  • BJ: Abbreviated term for "Blackjack", which is the hand that immediately scores 21 points.
  • Charge: A 100% levy is imposed on any standard bet in the game.
    Lightning or Relâmpago: A unique feature of this game that awards a multiplier of 2x to 25x for the next win when you succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to play Lightning Blackjack live for free?

Just like with other Evolution Gaming live games, this game can't be played without real money.

Why does a $5 bet turn into $10 in Live Lightning Blackjack?

Every wager placed on this game, even if it's just the bare minimum of 5 AUD, attracts a 100% fee to fund the Lightning multiplier. There's an irresistible thrill that accompanies each bet, a pulsating anticipation of what could potentially unfold. It's a rollercoaster ride of emotions, filled with edge-of-your-seat moments and heart-stopping suspense. It's critical to remember, though, that this is all part of the fun and games, and always stay within your set budget. Remember, it's not just about the winning, but also about the sheer joy of the game!

How to earn the Lightning multiplier in the live Lightning Blackjack game?

To stand a chance at winning, you've got to have a winning hand. Now, based on the random multiplier assigned to it, this multiplier will be up for grabs in the ensuing victorious round. It's a thrilling game of chance and strategy, a pulsating mix that keeps you on your toes, always guessing what's coming next. So, go ahead and give it a crack! This information is accurate and reflects the current status of bonuses available in Australia.

What can I earn in Live Lightning Blackjack?

Should Lady Luck favour you with her good graces and you land the corresponding multiplier, you could be revelling in a windfall of up to 25 times your original stake. It's truly a thrilling possibility to ponder, isn't it?

Can I play Live Lightning Blackjack on my mobile phone?

Absolutely, we're talking about a super-responsive game that can be effortlessly played on mobile devices. It's geared up to give you a seamless gaming experience in the palm of your hand, anywhere, anytime in Australia. It's as easy as pie!