Live Sic Bo in Australia Truly Pays Out

To start reaping the rewards of live sic bo, with potential earnings skyrocketing up to 1,000x, along with real-time interaction and all the trimmings, you'll require a top-notch casino website that features live sic bo! This involves not just a platform we can vouchsafe for its security, but also:

  • A fine assortment of quality live rooms.
  • Record of fair outcomes provided by the service providers.
  • Affordable betting values for the players.
  • Payments and support tailored to our audience.

To guide you on this thrilling journey, you can absolutely rely on the wealth of knowledge we've amassed here at CasinosOnlineAustralia – expertise we've built not only from extensive evaluations, but also through first-hand experiences, because yes, we're players too, just like you! This guide is designed to not just teach you how to play, but also to help you uncover safe and responsible gaming environments. Leave it to us to steer you in the right direction!

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How Do We Choose The Best Live Sic Bo Sites?

To guide you to safe platforms for live sic bo gaming, we've meticulously sifted through the myriad of options available in Australia, keeping in mind the following criteria:

  • Security: Encryption and secure payments are crucial when selecting a casino.
  • License: Without licensing, a casino does not show signs of adhering to responsible and fair play, so we only choose licensed sites.
  • Games: Besides having live sic bo, of course, it's essential that these are high-quality rooms with fair play.
  • Payments: Deposits and withdrawals must be convenient, quick, and secure.
  • Support: The casino should be equipped to assist players when they have questions.

Once the criteria have been met, we've gone through the task of comparing the sites and listing the best ones in the order we think Aussie players would prefer to see them. Of course, there's always room for you to delve into our reviews and decide where you'd love to play live sic bo.

Differences in Live Sic Bo Games Variations

After selecting one of the top live casino sites to enjoy the thrill of live sic bo, your journey doesn't stop there, mate! You still have to determine your live sic bo game of choice. After all, the online casino landscape in Australia is a treasure trove, overflowing with tantalizing variations of the game.

To lend a hand, we've lined up the top-notch live sic bo games available on real money online casino platforms, complete with their key features.

Sic Bo Live

At any live casino website, you'll stumble upon rooms simply labelled as “Sic Bo” ready for a round of play. The casino you choose for an immersive online Sic Bo experience might surprise you with a multitude of providers offering this traditional game, such as XPG, Ezugi, SA Gaming, N-Live, and EA. It's a veritable smorgasbord of Sic Bo, bringing the thrill of the casino right to your Aussie living room!

That's why we've chosen to illustrate with the version from Ezugi, a reputable provider that belongs to the same umbrella as Evolution Gaming.

Variations of live Sic bo games

Ezugi's Live Sic Bo boasts an impressive return to player (RTP) estimate of 97.22%, and it provides a thrilling opportunity to multiply your bet by up to 180 times when you nail those three identical dice. While there might not be any special features or bonuses to speak of, that doesn't dampen the excitement one bit! All you need to master is the art of playing live Sic Bo. Place your bets within the allotted timeframe and hold your breath as a specialised machine determines your fate. Charmingly simple, wouldn't you say?

Super Sic Bo

Super Sic Bo is a vibrant live sic bo room from Evolution, available at the finest casinos. What truly sets it apart from any other live sic bo game is its unique twist, where random multipliers are sprinkled onto specific positions following the dice roll.

If lady luck's on your side, your winnings could be magnified beyond your wildest dreams. There's a chance to skyrocket your stake by up-to a whopping 999 times!

Ultimate Sic Bo

Continuing the tradition of Ezugi, Ultimate Sic Bo carries the same allure as the live game Super Sic Bo: multipliers that can significantly boost the winnings of the luckiest players. Consequently, the average Return to Player (RTP), even for the most daring of bets, never falls below a rather enticing 95%.

Superior Sic Bo X

A product from Pragmatic Play Live, Mega Sic Bo X, despite its name, shares the exact same features as the Ultimate and Super variations of live sic bo. With each round, specific betting options are given multipliers, allowing for wins of up to 999x.

Sic Bo Deluxe

Emerging from the renowned Playtech Live, Sic Bo Deluxe mirrors other games previously described. With each spin of the wheel, anywhere from one to six multipliers are allocated to certain bets. If these are picked by the punter and come out on top, they could result in winnings of up to 999 times the original stake.

In the dynamic world of live gaming, you can always stumble upon exciting variants, such as the Bet365 live sic bo, which offers a pacey twist known as Speed Sic Bo.

Live Sic Bo: How Does It Operate?

To truly get a grip on how to win at live sic bo, you simply need to understand the ins and outs of the game. Regardless of the particular sic bo casino you opt for, or the specific game, the dynamics follow a particular rhythm that you'll come to learn in this guide on how to play any form of live sic bo at the casino!

How to Play Live Sic Bo?

First and foremost, it's crucial to have some dollars in your account if you're keen on playing sic bo with a live dealer, as unfortunately, you can't play live sic bo at no cost. So, no matter which version tickles your fancy, the process unfolds as follows:

  • The player eagerly anticipates the commencement of the next round and the opportunity to place bets.
  • When the dealer allows, select chips by their value and place them on the bets you desire.
  • The dealer signals the end of the betting phase.
  • The information gets shuffled and stirred by a proprietary system, under the watchful eyes of the players.
  • When the data halts, the wagers are automatically contrasted and the winning balances are refreshed.
  • A fresh round could potentially kick-off.

Essentially, the aim is akin to live roulette, where the player is nudged to foresee the result by placing bets on an assortment of possibilities. One can wager on multiple numbers, the sum of the dice, or even the precise number on each die, and so on.

Just like in other live casino games, a higher risk could also translate to potentially larger winnings. To ensure fair play, the system that draws the dice is not only transparent but is also scrutinised by independent firms.


  • The tokens should be placed at the allowed time.
  • Once the betting period has ended, there is no way to reverse or cancel them.
  • The player must place their chip on the bet type they wish to make, following the layout.
  • The return of 97.22% is projected on simple bets (higher and lower or odd and even). The overall range can be from 88% to 97%.
  • Playing sic bo live for free is not possible.
  • There are behavioral guidelines for live chat interactions with players and dealers.
  • There are 52 kinds of bets available, selectable with chips.

Types of Bets

At the pulsating heart of a live Sic Bo game table, players are greeted with an exhilarating array of different wagers they can place.

  • Small/Big: This wager is based on the sum of the three dice, where 'small' denotes values from 4 to 10 and 'big' indicates values from 11 to 17. If the outcome is a 'triple', with all three dice showing the same value, this bet loses even if the total is accurate.
  • Odd/Even: This is a bet on the sum of the three dice being odd or even, respectively. If the outcome is a "triple", with all three dice identical, this bet loses even if the total is accurate.
  • Pair: A combination that occurs when two dice display the same number. You need to place a bet on a specific pair, from 1 to 6. This bet isn't lost if the outcome is three identical dice.
  • Specific Triple: It's a bet on three identical dice with a specific value, ranging from 1 to 6.
  • Triple Any: A wager that wins regardless of the value of three identical dice.
  • Sum Total: Wager on the total sum of the three dice from 4 to 17, with higher payouts for the more challenging sums to occur.
  • Two Dice Combination: It's a bet on a specific pairing of two dice, depicted by images of dice along with their respective values.
  • Sole: Wager on a specific number from 1 to 6. The more it appears, from once to thrice, the greater the payout.

With the variations of live sic bo games usually just adding multipliers, it's a safe bet that any game you choose will offer the same wagers.

Pay Table

When we make a choice on how to play live sic bo, it's all about finding the perfect balance between the thrill of risk and the potential rewards. To do this, we need to understand what varying levels of risk will pay out. You can use the table below to arm yourself with this knowledge!

Bet Payment
Bigger, smaller 1:1
Odd even 1:1
Pair 8:1
Specific Triple 180:1
Some Triple 30:1
Total 4 or 17 62:1
Total 5 or 16 31:1
Total 6 or 15 18:1
Total 7 or 14 12:1
Total 8 or 13 8:1
Total 9 or 12 7:1
Total 10 or 11 6:1
Combination 5:1
Unique (1x) 1:1
Unique (2x) 2:1
Single (3x) 12:1

So, if you've taken a punt on "Any Triple", and by some stroke of luck, all three dice land on 3, you're in for a windfall! You'll snag an exhilarating 30:1 win, or, in other words, 30 times your original bet. How's that for a thrilling day at the races!

In games where there are multipliers, such as the live Super Sic Bo or the Ultimate Sic Bo, your winnings get boosted by the standalone multiplier that pops up in the round. This means, with a bit of luck, the payout from a wager on a Specific Triple could skyrocket up to 999 times your original stake. So, who knows? You might just be on the threshold of the wagering windfall of a lifetime!

Live Sic Bo Features

While there are certainly variations in live sic bo games in terms of available features, the most commonly encountered ones are:

  • Blueprint: It's the sequential performance history from recent rounds for players who are interested in knowing.
  • Advice: it's not a wager, it's a tip for the live Sic Bo dealer.
  • Repeat: a button that duplicates the most recent wager made by the player.
  • Automatic: Repeats the bets placed for a preset number of rounds.
  • Voltar: revokes the action taken by the player before the round starts.
  • Discussion: interact with other players and the dealer through conversation.
  • Dobrar: it doubles the bet value so the player doesn't have to manually add more chips.

Live Sic Bo: Benefits, Tips, and Tactics

At long last, now that we've revealed all there is to know about playing Live Sic Bo, let's delve into some advice and the perks that come with opting for Live Sic Bo before you actually start to play!

Benefits of playing live sic bo

One of the numerous compelling reasons to play live sic bo lies within the game itself. This enjoyable pastime sports a distinct edge when compared to other casino games, even those involving dice. It's a riveting experience that offers an unforgettable gaming adventure, setting it apart from the rest. The thrill of the roll, the suspense of the unknown, and the potential for a generous win, all blend together to create a truly immersive experience that stands head and shoulders above its counterparts.

As we engage in a thrilling round of live dealer sic bo, we're plunged into an immersive experience akin to playing at a genuine casino. What's more, it allows us to interact directly with the dealer as well as other players, all while maintaining our confidentiality.

In the end, we're constantly immersed in data and, as long as it's from a respected provider, we're reassured that the outcomes are fair dinkum. All it takes is a bit of familiarity with the hazards to craft your own strategies based on your personal risk management. It's all about putting your Aussie ingenuity to good use.

Tips and strategies

  • Don't chase losses, always treat a new round as a fresh start.
  • Maintain good bankroll management and avoid excessive risk if you can't bear the potential loss.
  • Start in rooms with smaller bets to gradually get familiarized.
  • Take this opportunity to watch online casino games of live sic bo before placing your bets.

Live Sic Bo Vs Traditional Online Sic Bo

While the number of non-live sic bo games may be few, they certainly do exist and we thought it'd be important to highlight the differences between the traditional version and the live, real-time play version: Traditional sic bo games, although less common, offer a unique gaming experience, reminiscent of old school charm. On the other hand, live sic bo games, played in real-time, bring the thrill of the casino directly to your doorstep, mimicking the exhilaration of a bustling gaming floor. So, whether you're after the nostalgia invoked by the traditional version or the pulsating excitement of the live version, both have their own distinct appeal. And don't forget, whichever you choose, updated bonus information is always at your fingertips!

Live Sic Bo gameplay Traditional Sic Bo online gaming
There are other players involved. Play alone.
The game adheres to a specific timeline. The player determines when to play.
It cannot be played for free. Offers free version.
The audited physical machine randomly draws the numbers. RNG-based software.

It's not entirely accurate to tell every player that one choice is superior, as it truly ends up being quite a personal decision based on their individual preferences.

The technology behind live sic bo game

Unlike the conventional, live sic bo unfolds with actual dice that physically roll around. So, instead of an RNG software dictating random outcomes, all we really need is the assurance that these dice aren't rigged.

In this instance, our choice is solely focused on trustworthy casinos and games from renowned providers, and that's precisely why. These are meticulously audited, much like a lottery, and it puts our minds at ease, knowing there's no fraud skewing the odds in a particular direction.

Moreover, there's an automatic reader that instantly recognises the roll of the dice as it comes to rest. With this technology, the provider's software swiftly compares the stakes. And in the blink of an eye, the winners' balance is updated with real Aussie dollars!

In this way, the player can withdraw using the same method they deposited with, which, depending on the casino, could be through, a credit card, or any other means. Thus, a punter can pull out their winnings using the same pathway they've used to deposit their bet, whether that be through instant bank transfer, their trusty credit card, or whatever means they prefer. This does depend on the casino in question, of course, so it's always best to check the terms and conditions before you dive in.

Software Providers

There's a solid bunch of live casino software providers out there offering the popular game of sic bo. We've handpicked a few that are certainly worth keeping an eye on due to the top-notch quality of their studios.

  • Evolution: The biggest name in live casino gaming worldwide, it offers unique live sic bo games.
  • Ezugi, a subsidiary of Evolution Gaming, provides uniquely designed rooms as well as fantastic live sic bo games equipped with multipliers.
  • Playtech: A prominent figure in the casino gaming industry, offering less variety but maintaining the same high quality.
  • Pragmatic Play: Continually gaining prominence in live games, it also presents its unique version with significant features such as multipliers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to place bets in live sic bo?

Ensure you've got some cash in your account, seeing as you won't be able to play sic bo live demo, and pick one of the available games. Simply place your chip on the desired bet when the time is right.

Which live sic bo game earns money?

Any live Sic Bo game with real money can indeed offer wins, but you've got to have Lady Luck on your side with those throws mate.

"Where can one locate an Australian sic bo room?"

The presence of a live sic bo room in an Australian casino is a rare delight and hinges on the luck of having one available in your chosen gaming house.

How to win at live online Sic Bo?

For the outcome you're banking on, it's crucial that the data plays its part.

Is it safe to play live dealer sic bo?

Absolutely, it's completely safe and fair, mate, as long as you pick a trustworthy platform and a quality provider. It's just like going down to your favourite local shop; you know you're in safe hands because they always deliver top-notch service. You wouldn't have it any other way, would you? So, make sure you're getting the best deal, and you'll be good as gold. Just remember - it's your hard-earned Aussie dollars on the line, so be sure to choose wisely!

Can one view the history of outcomes in live sic bo?

Yes, even though the location can change from one game to the next, it's always possible to check out the most recent results. Regardless of the shifts and turns in the game, you can always remain in the know by keeping an eye on the latest outcomes. It's like having a little sneak peek behind the scenes, ensuring you're always in the loop, no matter what. It's a bit of certainty in an ever-changing world of gaming. This way, you're never left in the dark, mate!

Can I play live sic bo on my mobile device?

Yes, indeed! The live sic bo rooms are fully responsive and flawlessly compatible with mobile devices. It's like having a portable casino right in your pocket, ready to immerse you in the thrill of the game anytime, anywhere. So whether you're lounging at home or on the go, you can join in on the fun with absolute ease. Australia's sic bo enthusiasts, this is your call to action!

Can I engage in conversation with the dealers and other participants?

Live chat is a lively feature to utilise during live sic bo, offering a chance to have a yarn with the dealer and other punters.

Can I play live sic bo for free or only with money?

You can only truly engage in a thrilling game of live sic bo by staking real money, but the beauty is, you have the liberty to sit back and watch online casinos in action as you learn the ropes.